Christmas is coming, countdown activities to possibly do with your significant other.

Hey guys, it’s me again and once again I’m back with another relationship post in the countdown to Christmas, today I thought I would talk about the few activities me and my partner have planned in the next couple of weeks leading up and into December.

  1. Alien- Event Cinema at Showcase De Lux Southampton

The Alien franchise is a love of both me and my partner that we have enjoyed since a young age (Way younger then the age certificates…shhh..) and for one night, the cinema I work in is showing the first Alien film on the big screen. This of course is an amazing opportunity because with my and my partner being in our 20s there is NO WAY we would have been able to see the first alien film on the big screen, even my mum is jealous. It’s going to be a great date night. I’m so excited!!

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2. Ice Skating on Southampton West Quay Esplanade

I LOVE Ice Skating. I’m not very good, or confident but I love it. I’ve only been twice and (Fingers crossed) I’ve never fallen over once, and I’m hoping this stays to be a trend…wish me luck. But the atmosphere of the place with all the lights and decorations will be a perfect date night (I suggest everyone go!) with a really Christmasy and romantic atmosphere, so I’m really excited for this. I already have my gloves brought 😀


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3. Murder on the Orient Express Movie night

This is actually going to be tonight! I’m really excited to see this film, and so is my partner, we’ve had a tough few weeks and date night is exactly what we need right now. The little snippets I’ve seen so far look great, and with a stella cast too! The cinematography is also beautiful and its just going to be a really nice night, followed by cooking some scotch bonnet chicken for dinner. Yum.

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I think you can tell how excited I am for this film by the capitals in the subheading haha. After the Wonder Woman film and the tears it brought me and the special place that film and Gal Gadot’s Diane Prince has in my heart, I am very excited for this film and so is my partner.  We both love the cast line up and with all the trailers and promos as well as Stepphenwolf we are both very very excited for this film. PLEASE DC, DON’T DISAPPOINT!


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5. Going home to visit family.

This is a big part for me and my partner, he comes from London and I come from Leicestershire, so with us being at different from parts of the countries, going home to our families is always a lovely part. But the best part is visiting each others families together. We’ve been together almost 2 years now so each others families have become big parts of each others lives which is just really nice.

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These are just the activities that me and my partner are doing and I know that for everyone its different, these are just the things that me and my partner are doing in the run up to Christmas. Thanks for reading 🙂