Prettysuds: Banoffee pie


Feels like forever since I reviewed something that wasn’t Lush! But since I placed an order yesterday for some beautiful products in the Prettysuds Christmas range and received this order in the post today (only two bathbombs for me, the others were presents! Promise) it seemed fitting I use one of these for my next blog post!

I love toffees. I love the smell of that fake banana smell, but something about this combination just didn’t hit it. Meet, Banoffee Pie.



As I mentioned, something about the smell of this bathbomb didn’t quite fit and fill me with the smell I was expecting? I mean tops for it being strong enough for my mum to smell it when she went to bed but it was a little too factory made for me.

However, I love the design of the outside of the bathbomb, doesn’t it just look like a little bee? Maybe that’s why, and I’m not sure why, I expected it to smell like honey… hmm. However I’m not too keen on the water colour that followed, yellow and grey don’t really mix well to say the least.


I’m also regretting to say that I didn’t feel relaxed either, maybe it was the smell masking all my other senses but I just couldn’t get comfortable and ended up getting out the bath quite quickly, not cool after a long day at work.

But price I can’t fault, I got this bathbomb at a special price Prettysuds a couple weeks ago for like £1.80? I think! So really I’m getting what I paid for! If you want to try it yourself then you can buy them online from the Prettysuds website, whilst you’re there… Christmas range!! Trust me! (Or wait for my post posts to go up!)