Let’s Talk About Guy Fawkes!

We all love the 5th of November and the firework shows, but how many of you know the reason behind it? Well, if you don’t then keep reading!

Midsummer bonfire against a night sky, moon
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Guy Fawkes is a historical figure, however the 5th of November was not originally dedicated in celebration to him but the fact he failed. Guy was a catholic and did not agree with the protestant faith of the King at the time, and so him and Robert Catesby (who was in fact the lead planner) had decided to rebel by creating the Gunpowder Plot and blowing up the house of parliament. He was in charge of guarding 36 barrels of gunpowder that had been stored in a basement underneath the House of Lords, however he was caught and jailed on the day he was supposed to light it all, the 5th of November. King James I had then decreed that the 5th of November be dedicated to the idea that he failed at what he set out to do. Therefore, originally people originally created bonfires in remembrance of the failure as well as sometimes setting a picture of Guy on fire.

So, although many celebrate him the original plan was not to celebrate him but to show that they were happy he failed! He aimed to get a country where he was not prosecuted for his religious beliefs. Unfortunately he failed.

Of course, this was just a quick overview and there is information all over the internet for more indepth information!

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