Have you ever… seen V for Vendetta?

Have you ever is a look back at anything you might have missed from the pop culture world.


I tried to write a post about this film a few weeks ago for some reason but wasn’t really happy with it but it seemed too good an opportunity to miss today so I will try again. If you don’t know about this film you will no doubt recognise the iconic Guy Fawkes mask used by the main character as the symbol for the international hacking group Anonymous. There’s a very good reason they picked that mask as the central theme of V for Vendetta is anti-government oppression and uniting the masses behind anonymity.

The film is set in Britain in 2027 where, after global crises such as a new American Civil War and a widespread “St Mary’s Virus” ravaging Europe have plunged the world into turmoil, a fascist dictator rules with an iron fist. All known minorities are routinely rounded up, imprisoned and executed; the colours of the party are black and red; all very reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984 and mid-20th Century Germany.

Vendetta 2

Nothing will make you feel so anti-establishment as the final few scenes set to the soundtrack of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture (I got that spelling right first time so I’d appreciate some kind of congratulation via social media or something please). The anti-fascist sentiment and V’s fantastic voice (he’s played by Hugo Weaving which means you can close your eyes and imagine either Lord Elrond or Agent Smith doing the talking) create such an uplifting story as you see someone stick it to the man when no one else would.

Vendetta 1

Amazingly I’ve managed to write nearly 400 words so far and not mention a single thing about the film, it seems, aside from the setting but I’m going to leave it like that. I need to stop reviewing the films as much as saying that they’re good and you should watch them. All in all, this film is just fantastic through and through. An incredibly interesting setting, a fantastic dark plot, an iconic-as-hell main character and just everything else make this just a sensational film and absolutely worth a watch.


I’m going to break the time-honoured tradition and recommend you read some of Alan Moore’s comics instead of films:

V for Vendetta


From Hell – I’ve never read this but I had to find a third and this looks good! I might check it out!