ASOS launches new ‘Try Before You Buy’ service with Klarna Pay Later

Attention all shopaholics – this may be the greatest day ever in shopping history!

I know we’ve all been there; adding more and more items to our baskets until the total comes to an extortionate amount that our banks are crying for us to stop.

But now online retailer ASOS has answered our prayers as you can now try your items for FREE and only have to pay for what you decide to keep. How amazing is this?!

Photo by Artificial Photography on Unsplash

ASOS is just keeping all the good times coming as they have already spoiled shoppers with their premier services that lets us have next day deliveries but then sometimes they come on the same day you order! Definitely a 10/10 on customer satisfaction in my books.

The retailer has collaborated with Swedish payment company Klarna for this service and is only available when consumers purchase through their mobile app.

How the ‘try before you buy’ service works is you order from ANY of the brand’s 85,000 products and have it delivered to your address, then you try it on and send back any of the items that you don’t like. Then you only pay for the items you keep within 30 days of your order being dispatched with no additional fees.

Photo by Gyorgy Bakos on Unsplash

So if you have an important occasion coming up but have no funds for your awesome new outfit, then this service is a life-saver in your times of need.

Now that I have shared this amazing news with you guys I think I’m going to disappear and do some online shopping… err not for me it’s for Christmas presents honest! (I’m lying, maybe).

Just a quick shoutout to my bank account for putting up with my shopping obsession! I’m so sorry my poor, poor bank account!

See you in the next post,

Stephanie ^^