Predictions For The Next Season Of Stranger Things

If I’d have written this article a few months ago my predictions would have been that there’d be no third season of Stranger Things, with the show only surviving in wildly inappropriate Adam Sandler sketches promoting his new Netflix movie. The show’s young stars are getting older, the Duffer Brothers will have other projects and it would be incredibly hard to replicate the early success of Stranger Things.

Despite this, the genius creators of the show have discussed plans for not only a third season, but a fourth one as well! *insert gif of Larry David collapsing*

The only bad news is that if the 15 month wait for season two is anything to go by, we won’t get the third installment of this wonderful series until 2019. I would suggest you watch Game Of Thrones to keep you busy but that isn’t back until 2019, so why don’t you pass the time by reading, laughing and crying at my incredibly premature predictions for season three of Stranger Things…

Firstly, let’s talk about what is next for the poorly received supporting character Kali (Eight) and her crew. The idea of having there be other children like Eleven is a good one, but in Eight’s case, it just didn’t work. As soon as she muttered ‘boom’ in that opening scene, like a character in a painfully cliche Hollywood blockbuster, I knew Eight and her team wouldn’t fit in. Eight’s need for murderous revenge is slightly understandable given what she went through, but why are the other rejects killing people? Having said that, I don’t think The Duffer Brothers will give up on the characters as no one likes giving up on ideas, so I believe the crew will return, but with a twist.

This prediction is very much fueled by hope but I can see Eight and the rest of her unlikable friends using that dislike by returning as villains. Perhaps offended by Eleven’s rejection, or wanting to use her powers to aid their logic-less murders, they find their way to Hawkins looking to take Eleven. The kids teaming up to protect their ‘major’ from the villains would be great to watch and seeing Eleven tear herself apart as to whether fight back against her sister would be so intense. Of course they would only be secondary villains for obvious reasons.

Source: Netflix

Although not as daunting as the first season finale, the ending of the second season did once again infer that the squad is not yet safe from the upside down. Despite the gate being closed, the ‘Shadow Monster’ is still alive and now knows its going to have to do more than insert it’s roots and ‘demi-dogs’ into Hawkins to defeat the city. It’s methods for season three remain to be seen, but I can’t see it targeting Will again. Having the most innocent character on the show under attack and needing to be saved would feel a little repetitive, and I’m sure Noah Schnapp doesn’t want to spend another season missing or in a hospital bed whilst his co stars get to fight evil and most importantly, play arcade games.

Source: Netflix

The Shadow Monster can’t trust Will as a spy and would be wise to spend more time trying to invade earth than taking out a young teenager. With Hawkins Lab now deserted, and unmanned, after the inspirational journalism of Murray Bauman there’s a good chance it will remain the crossover point from the real world to the upside down. However rather than the upside down invading Hawkins, I can instead see some of the cast getting stuck in the upside down and the others battling to get them out and attempt to defeat the Shadow Monster. Steve Harrington and his hair would be wonderful chaperoning the kids in pure danger again and you just know the cinematography of an extended time in the upside down would be amazing.

As for the most important aspect show, the characters’ relationships, I can see more developments in season three. The emotional finale of this season left us with Mike and Eleven, Lucas and Mad Max, and Dustin and Steve all happy together. Nancy and Jonathan finally got together as well with a little help from Mr.Bauman earlier in the season. Whilst I couldn’t be happier for everyone, there is a slight problem. The highlights of the first two seasons, and most famous TV shows for that matter, was the ‘will they, won’t they?’ dynamic between the aforementioned couples. With them now all together, it does take something away from the show, there won’t be as many questions after every episode and on the bright I probably won’t cry as much.

As much as the disturbed part of me wants to, I can’t predict Lucas and Max splitting up, even if them getting back together is a storyline, so my prediction is the Hopper will find love again in the shape of Joyce Byers. He proved that he has it in him to be a father again after looking after Eleven for the best part of a year, and in this season he will show that he’s husband material again. Their shared cigarettes planted the seeds during this season and next season I can see them sharing more than cigarettes. Perhaps their relationship will blossom in a safer Hawkins before they share even more trauma, perhaps in the upside down. All I know is that the series finale will be Hopper and Joyce getting married with Steve and his hair ordaining the ceremony.

Source: Netflix

If that doesn’t happen then maybe it will just be Billy and Mike’s mum getting together as the main romance of the third season.