Lush; Rocket Science

After discussing with my team, it seems it may be a tiny bit too early for me to break out those Christmas posts I’ve been waiting to do, so in the mean time, I have a few gems to show you instead!

This one is something I’ve been dying to get my hands on since I saw them released! And with good reason too! Now i understand why it’s sold out every time I go into store!

This is another from the Lush bathbomb range and I’m in love! This is Rocket Science!


Although the smell isn’t too strong with this product, it does have a floral undertone and I feel it’s subtle enough not to overpower the room and make me feel slightky sick! However, I was expecting more from the smell as my room has been smelling like a bathbomb explosion for the last however-long!

I cannot fault this beauty on colour though, I am amazed by the colours that something so small (ish) could produce, it’s a deep blue colour, very turquoise and it really feels like you’re jetting off into space! Luuuuuuush!


As for design, it’s a freaking rocket?! How cute is that! Thumbs up all around, it’s very instagrammable and I feel it’s so much more than just for show.


I’m 100% going to give these as Christmas presents this year because at £2.95 they’re a steal and I’m sure my friends will love them just as much as I do! You can pick yours up (hopefully) in any Lush Store (I say hopefully as my local one always sells out!) and online!