Stop! Relax!

So, I recently started my training in Hypnotherapy and Counselling as previously mentioned and one of the things we are currently learning is relaxation techniques for our clients! So I thought, hey, why not do a post about this?


To start off with make sure you are in a room where you can’t be disturbed or distracted by anything!

Then either lay down or sit in a comfortable position. Make sure your arms and legs aren’t crossed. This is for health and safety reasons in case you fall asleep, plus it stops blood flowing and can cause your legs to cramp up!
Once you are in your comfortable position, take deep breaths and slowly close your eyes.

Now, this is the bit where you can get creative! Our bodies are all different, as well as our minds, so how you work is the best way you can relax. Most people will say ‘imagine a happy place’ but I don’t. I say, close your eyes and focus on each muscle of your body.

Start at the top, your head. We don’t realise it but we are actually very tense on our head. Relax your muscles on your head. Relax your forehead muscles, your eyes, your jaw and your teeth.

Slowly work your way down to your neck and shoulders. Now, this area is heavily tense by pretty much everyone! So, if you want spend a little extra time here. Focus on your muscles and let them loose.  Don’t move or anything, just imagine them becoming loose.

Next, work your way down to your chest. Focus on your breathing, then move down to your stomach and your arms. They’ll either feel heavy or they’ll feel light. Let them feel either. You’ll float or you’ll sink, either is good.

Slowly move down to your hips and legs. Let the muscles here loose as well.

Once you have worked your way down, you’ll notice that your focus has meant you haven’t focused on other things happening around you. This is good, and it means you have allowed yourself to properly relax. Now, your body will either feel heavy or light, as I said previously either is good. Own that feeling for however long you want. You might doze off, if you do, then yay! But if you haven’t, slowly count yourself back up. Go from 5 to 1, but only do is to the speed you are comfortable with. Don’t force yourself by doing it too quickly as this will just ruin the whole experience.

That’s it really! Simple technique that you can do pretty much whenever and feel relaxed after! You’ll find your muscles relax a bit for a while too. So, try this out and let me know how it felt! The feedback I get helps me too!