Lush: Pumpkin

Remember that list of beautiful bathbombs I reccomended for Halloween? Well with Halloween being today it’s time to say hello to that final one I’ve been keeping until last, this beautiful pumpkin!

Now I’m gonna start with a personal moan, how when I buy my products in store are they all perfect? And when I come to order them online they all seem to be bargain basement rejects? Like I’m okay with the idea that they get damaged along the way and the idea that each is handmade but sometimes a little TLC when making the product goes a long long way!


Rant behind us, pumpkin really didn’t hit the spot with me, I’m not sure why but it didn’t tick any boxes that I normally look for with a bathbomb!

Firstly, I looked a bit like a Wotsit/Cheeto/Kai in AHS dressed as Donald Trump… I guess I was halloween ready! But I was stained neck to toe with orange, right before my first day at work!! Not cool! Thankfully it washed off after I gave it a scrub, likewise with my bathtub! Especially when it’s this orange colour! Which I guess was expected form this pumpkin bathbomb!


As for smell, something about it I just didn’t like, my sister pointed out though that I don’t like Parma Violets and this is how this pumpkin smelt! Very very sweet and sugary! I guess I just have a natural favourite smell of spice and well, Christmas smells! I look forward to the rest of the Christmas collection I have to explore over the next two months!


Other than the orange tint, my skin did feel super soft when I got out the bath but I expected that from any lush product! You can buy this product online or in store for £4.25 (at least until the end of October!) let me know what you think!