Halloween on a budget with your significant other

Hi guys! me again, back with another quick relationship post, this week sticking with the festive theme that is Halloween!

As a kid I always went trick or treating but as I’ve gotten older, it’s no longer socially acceptable at 20 to dress in an outfit and knock for sweets and considering now that I am meant to be a ‘Responsible young adult’ (HA, next joke please), This year is the first year I’m not doing anything extravagant for Halloween.

This year I have decided to have a quiet night in! I know, I know, reading this, you are probably thinking, HOW BORING IS THAT! And believe me I know it sounds boring, but I actually have a nice spooky but romantic night with my other half planned. When your a student on a budget, sometimes you have to compromise, which is exactly what I’ve done.

Earlier I went to Asda amongst the desperate last minute Halloween scavengers to grab some junk food for our spooky fun filled, film and tv night!


In addition to this, I also brought some chicken burgers and popcorn chicken.

Some films on our list for tonight include;

I robot- I’ve seen bits but never actually seen the full thing so it will be fun

BettleJuice- For me this is a childhood classic but believe it or not my partner has never seen this film which really disappoints me, so tonight it is a must.

Sleepy Hollow- Again another classic, and actually pretty scary, especially the flash back scenes before the headless horse man became the headless horse man. Always been creepy to me.

STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2! I’m sorry, but can we just appreciate how good this season is so far! I’m about to start episode 7 and honestly some of the things this season that I have seen have literally made my skin crawl. I’m not gonna go into details because I don’t wanna spoil anything for anyone, but that shadow Monster is actually one of the most disturbingly terrifying things I have seen in TV or Film in a long time and I take my hat off to this show for the amazing things it achieves so far in every episode and season. Well done, stranger things, well done.

Image result for stranger things 2 shadow monster drawing
Source: http://ihorror.com/stranger-things-season-2s-new-creature-could-be-a-shadow-monster/

The Simpsons, Halloween specials. These again are utter classics that me and my partner love and no matter what, the Halloween specials are always funny and most recently, very disturbing (If you don’t know, go and watch the new seasons Treehouse of horror episode, you will not be disappointed, but you will definitely be disturbed).

Image result for the simpsons season 29 treehouse of horror
Source: http://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/the-simpsons/268415/the-simpsons-season-29-episode-4-review-treehouse-of-horror-xxviii

Other possibilities include; Gremlins (Again, another childhood classic for me, that again my partner hasn’t seen), The number 23 (Jim Carrey in this for me is captivating, funny and yet disturbing, a new side to Carrey that we aren’t used to seeing), Interview with the Vampire (I love Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in this film, It’s something from my teen years and a film that I love, Anne Rice’s story is tragically captivating with a dark disturbing twist which for me, makes it a perfect Halloween film).

So guys, that’s my Halloween on a budget, I know this post is shorter then what I would usually write but sometimes short and sweet is all you need! I hope you all have a spooky but joyful night too!