Terrible tasty treats

Ready for Halloween….getting ready for a night out or fancy a quiet night in, well then read on for my tempting Halloween treats. We can let the inner child out for one year, with costumes, fake blood and guts. Strap in for a spooky filled stomach.


Halloween Jalapeño Poppers; – If you don’t like spicy peppers, you can replace them with red peppers. Creme cheese and jack cheeses, make a good pairing.

See the recipe here



Stuffed Intestines; – From Chorizo to Caramelised Onions, with its cracks in the pastry, it’s too delicious to resist…

See the recipe here

Halloween Tricks,


Stuffed chicken Jack O’Lanterns; – These lanterns are made from orange peppers stuffed with chicken, black beans and Mexican rice. Who wouldn’t want to tuck into this tempting treats?

See the recipe here



Chocolate strawberries;
Whether it’s Frankenstein, mummy’s or zombies, chocolate can transform anything for one night before being swiftly devoured. Once the clock strikes 12 Halloween is over and the treats have been devoured, so there’s just one treat left.

See the recipe here


Spiderweb trifle;
More chocolate…well Halloween is perfect for treats and temptations. This one speaks for itself.

See the recipe here


So let us know how your Halloween turns out, from costumes to food.

Have a Hauntingly Happy Halloween!

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