Review: Catrice Velvet Matte lipstick

If you ask me what my favourite make up product is, my answer will probably be lipstick. I have way to many, and I keep buying more. So that’s what I’m going to talk about today. A couple of weeks ago, I bought 3 colours of the Catrice Velvet Matte line and I’m going to tell you what I think about them.


What does it say?

It’s a silky lip cream with vitamin E. For a gorgeous, velvet matt finish and nourished feeling.

It doesn’t say anything about the durability of the lipstick. But to be fair, I’d rather touch my lipstick up once or twice than to have that horrible dry feeling.

The packaging

 I really love the packaging. It looks simple, yet stylish. The tube is matt glass with a matt black lid.



I’ve got the colours Midnude Season, New York Spice and Sweet Choco-Nut.. I’m going to be honest with you and say that I’m not overly impressed with the pigmentation. The colours aren’t that opaque. The lightest one is the worst, it’s like a really pigmented lip gloss. The other two are okay, not as pigmented as the NYX ones, but not that bad.



 First of all, these products feel really soft and comfortable on the lips. It feels light and moisturising. The scent, I find really bad, it’s like gone off sweets, but that could just be me.

The lip creams wear off quite quickly. Not as quick as a normal lipstick, but a lot faster than a liquid lipstick.

My opinion

The lightest one isn’t my favourite, you can barely see it on my lips. The other two however, I do like. I like the colours and I like the fact that they feel so soft on the lips. They’re not the best lip products I’ve ever had, but considering the price, they’re honestly not that bad. I payed about €3,50 for them.