Lush: Ectoplasm

Okay okay so I know I vowed never to have a jelly bath bomb again but when Lush released two new ones in time for Halloween and Christmas I just couldn’t resist! This spooky delight is Ectoplasm and it’s pretty much summed up your bathing experience already!


So I added this one into my lush haul a couple weeks ago and it’s safe to say I regret my decision… but here’s the thing, I already knew I would… so why do I keep going back to these jelly bathbombs?!

I guess there’s something about them, the bath experience you get from them is so different to anything else experienced that it’s somewhat like an addiction. Only one you don’t like that you’re hoping will change, a bit like an ex boyfriend you keep running back to thinking this time will be better, trust me babe, it really won’t be! But here we are again, another seaweed infused delight, beautifully made but sadly not something I can work with, no matter how hard I try!

But that doesn’t mean this bathbomb isn’t for you! My best advice is to try one of these bathbombs and endulge in the experience. So let me explain a little more about the Halloween special. I’ll start with the positives:

Smell; even with a blocked nose, this bathbomb opened up my nostrils and sent shivvers down my spine. I really enjoyed the smell of the Ectoplasm and I thought it smelt really sweet! Completely contradictory to the smell of the Lord of Misrule I reviewed last week!

Like always these bathbombs are always a really decent size, they make sure to give you what you pay for! And at £4.95, you’re gonna need that extra bit to get you through!


So I kinda set myself up to fail with this one as I don’t know really what I was expecting from a bathbomb called Ectoplasm, but I can safely say it wasn’t this…


Finally it’s down to whether the bath experience was worth it, now personally I don’t enjoy these jelly bathbombs because they take so much effort cleaning up after! Like they’re slow burners so they take ages to mix in with the water so you have to wait ages for them to fizz out and I often get bored before the bathbomb has finished so it leaves slimy bits around the bathtub which isn’t too cool. But if you’re more patient than me then I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem! Next time I use a jelly bomb (I have one from the Christmas range coming at ya soon, I’ll try a few things different and see if they work!)


You can buy these online or in store! If you do, let me know what you think!