10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween!

With Halloween festivities quickly approaching everything can start to get a bit hectic. Have you got enough sweets for those trick or treaters? Did you miss anything for your party decorations? Is everything sorted for you costume? Where oh where did the pumpkin carving tools get to?! As fun as Halloween is for most people, this isn’t always the case for your furbabies. Don’t add to the stress of the night by worrying about your pets! If you prepare you won’t get a scare… 

  1. Keep your pet away from the front door
    Ding Dong! It’s another stranger at the door wearing a scary costume! Perhaps not the most relaxing situation for any pet. Having such a disrupted evening with the door opening and closing constantly may cause stress for your furry friend. This can lead your pet to become unusually aggressive (out of fear!) or even try to make a run for it. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and give them a safe space for the evening – no one wants to be looking for their lost loved one on a night that’s supposed to be fun!
  2. Pet ID 
    Just in case your pet manages to make a run for it, make sure they have ID with them! Whether that’s a collar and tag or a microchip it’s always reassuring to know that if someone finds your lost pet they’ll know where home is.
  3. Keep Sweets out of reach! 
    Sweets and chocolate are for people, not pets. All forms of chocolate (particularly dark and baking chocolate) are poisonous and even potentially lethal for most pets, not just cats and dogs. Should any be ingested by your pet especially if they show signs of poisoning you should immediately seek veterinary advice! Artificial sweetener Xylitol can be found in a number of sugar free sweets and is also toxic to most pets. It can cause a drop in blood sugar and even liver failure in dogs. So leave your bowl of sweets up and out of the way.
  4. Don’t put lit pumpkins within reach!
    This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t think about this. Despite being within the “protective” shell of a pumpkin, the little candles inside can still cause a lot of damage to both your pet and even your property!
  5. Make a safe space
    Fireworks aren’t just for the 5th of November (remember?) and they can cause a lot of stress for your furry friends. If your pet is particularly frightened by them, make sure you have a cosy space set up for them where they can feel safe and secure. The same goes for having a house party – unless your pet is totally fine with being around crowds of people and loud music, keep them in another, private, room. This way they’ll feel a lot better about the scary noises and you’ll feel a lot better knowing your pet feels safe and is okay!
  6. Pet costumes
    Unless you know for sure that your pet is comfortable with their costume and isn’t trying to take it off every five seconds because they’re unhappy, don’t dress up your pet! If you do decide to dress up your pet make sure it doesn’t restrict their movement, their ability to see or hear, and make sure they’re able to use the bathroom! Whenever your pet is in costume, they should always be accompanied and supervised in case anything goes wrong.
  7. Decorations
    Decorations can be just as dangerous to your pet as leaving sweets around. A chewed wire from lights could cause electrocution or burns. Ingested plastic pumpkins could cause gastrointestinal blockages. Glass decorations could get knocked over and smashed, cutting your pet. Keep decorations out of reach of your pet, and use wire covers just to be safe! 
  8. Don’t leave your pet outside
    As awful as it is to imagine, there have been cases of animal abuse on Halloween night. People have been known to tease, injure, and even steal pets from their back gardens. Black cats are of particular risk because of their relation to Halloween!
  9. Don’t take them trick or treating
    Unless you own a very confident and relaxed pet, it’s advised that you don’t take them trick or treating with you. There is always the risk that they will become spooked and try to run away, or they might even become aggressive out of fear – people in unusual and imposing costumes can be very scary!
  10. Treat (don’t trick) your pet!
    Most importantly you should treat your pet! Let them love Halloween just as much as you and buy (or make) them some pet friendly, Halloweeny treats! 

Hope this was helpful! Have a spooky and safe Halloween!

Lydia & Apollo
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