The Costumes Everyone Will Be Wearing This Halloween

As a child I thought Halloween was escaping normal life and getting to spend a night as your hero with friends or family whilst eating your bodyweight in candy. However it’s not. It’s also not egging your crush’s house after they didn’t like your profile picture.

The true meaning of Halloween is to dress up in whatever outfit will get you as much attention as possible, and then to drink lots and lots of alcohol. I discovered this when I went out clubbing for Halloween when I was 18, I didn’t have a costume but my friends did draw stuff on me that will probably come out when I’m famous and land me in a scandal. So you’ll just have to wait to see those!

This year as a 21 year old consumed by work and trying to be an adult, I will once again take the time to celebrate Halloween as its meant to be celebrated, by drinking a lot and embarrassing myself at a house party. I’ll be going as a serial killer which means I won’t have to put too much effort into my costume, I could probably just go as myself, I know I will be seeing some people who have put pure dedication into their costume, and you will too, wherever you go.

An absolute guarantee on Halloween night is the guy who wants to pull. He’s the same friend who acts like he doesn’t know you in a club when a girl looks at him. The Spooctacular night will mean nothing if he doesn’t get some female (or male) attention, and there will be a lot of him meaning a lot of the same cool and edgy costumes. A popular example from recent times is The Joker, with ‘Do you wanna know how I get these scars’ becoming a chat up line on October 31st. The Crow is another outfit that is bursting with a need to tell any girl who will listen how emo you feel. Or you might have a similar experience to me, witnessing someone go as a bodybuilder, oiled up, stone faced and probably freezing cold.

They say every man needs his woman, unless you’re Adam Sandler in which case you need comedy lessons, and that rings true on Halloween. For every guy looking for companionship, there’s probably someone willing to give it, and they come in the form of girls wearing ‘sexy’ costumes. We all know what to expect, sexy nurses, sexy clowns, sexy teachers, sexy zombies, sexy vampires, sexy police women. Any costume can be made sexy in 2017, unless you’re going as Melissa McCarthy. Now not everyone wearing these costumes will be looking to pull, some will be just trying to express themselves or show off hard work in the gym, so don’t avoid (or harass) these people. Just be prepared to see a lot of them.


Source: Comedy Central


I’ve mentioned it before in my writing and I’ll bring it up again, knowing TV and Movie references will be very important on Spookytime night as there will be a lot of people going as their favourite characters. People will be Rick from The Walking Dead, or his adversary Negan, which might lead to a tug of war over a baseball bat with someone dressed as Harley Quinn. The millions of characters in the Marvel Universe will be represented, as will be Pennywise, Freddy Krueger and The Babadook. The power of visual media is bigger than ever in 2017, and that will show when people across the world dawn the colours of their favourite characters next Tuesday.


Will the Babadook and Pennywise be going home together this Halloween? Source: Tumblr


Despite this the most popular Halloween costume this year in my opinion will not be from a TV show. Unfortunately this costume will be based off someone who is very real. It is of course the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Ever since the TV personality somehow became the most powerful man on the planet through empty promises of building walls, he’s dominated pop culture. Despite America allowing Trump to get in this position, the rest of the world has proved there is hope for humanity by turning ‘Orrible Orange/ Captain Orange/ Toupee Tool into a figure of parody. This means there will be a lot of people poking fun at Trump on Halloween. The best thing about this costume is that it’s gender neutral with no age limits, all you need is a wig/dog hair and some fake tan/ wotsit residue.


Source: NBC


Whether you’re hanging out with a Joker, or taking selfies with all the other Donald Trumps in the club, have fun and stay safe this Halloween and feel free to let me know some of the best costumes you see next Tuesday!