Have you ever… seen Baby Driver?

So I know this isn’t entirely what “Have you ever?” is about because it’s not something the majority wouldn’t have already seen, but with its attention to detail and it’s art house feel, I’m giving it a space on Gabe’s Have you ever list.

Completely different in every single way imaginable to my review last week of Withnail and I, this weeks Baby Driver review has a classy, gripping and modern feel to it. In fact, it’s made it to my number 1 spot for films of 2017… so it must be good eh? 😉

To give a brief overview to any of you that haven’t already seen Baby Driver, it follows Ansel Elgort as Baby and he well, drives. No not a taxi driver or a train driver but a heist driver. Earning himself a fair bit of cheddar, not all is not as it seems with Baby, he’s under contract with a chap who he’s slowly repaying by being the driver in lots of suspicious activities. I’m not going to spoil anymore for you because it really is an incredible watch and I reccomend it to literally everyone!

So why is it so great?

At least for everyone I’ve spoken to about it, the key thing is attention to sound detail. Baby wears headphones for a lot of the film and there’s a strong focus on sound. You may not originally notice but if you pay attention really closely you notice movements in time, lyrics on walls and even a few strange things that look slightly out of place in the movie. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Source: Giphy

The cast also supports this movie, with  Ansel Elgort leading as his role as Baby, someone we haven’t really seen since The Fault in our stars… with Jamie Foxx taking the side seat next to Ansel Elgort as Bats. Y’know him from Django Unchained and that verse in the Kanye West song, Gold Digger. My personal favourite performance though was from John Hamm as Buddy, I thought his role was strongest even though he was in the back seat… quite literally. You may have seen him in Mad Men or my favourite, Black Mirror!

Finally I feel soundtrack needs to be on this list, I know I’ve already mentioned sound within the movie but the soundtrack is a cut above the rest. Each song is perfectly chosen to match the scene. Even in the trailer! I hope when I’m driving around once I pass my test my playlist is just as perfect as Baby’s!