Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

Nintendo have done it again and have announced a new mobile game from the Nintendo range of IP and this time, it’s Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a mobile Animal Crossing game in which you are the owner of a camp site and it’s your job to fill the camp site with cool stuff for Animal Crossing residents to enjoy!

Crafting Funiture

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you can craft furniture for residents to sit on and use. Furniture uses resources to be built or you can use the Micro Transaction Leaf currency to replace resources you don’t have. This currency is also in game.

Source: YouTube

Craft Materials and Requests

In the games various areas there are various Residents wanting various items such as Butterfly’s or Fish, when given these items that you can aquire throughout the areas you can get various resources back to help craft furniture!

Source: YouTube


The game also has a shopping area in which you can buy various clothes for your villager or items for your camp site, the shopping area changes shops often which means you’ll always find something interesting there!

Source: YouTube

Seasonal Events!

There’ll be seasonal events in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp with exclusive items being released during those time periods!

Source: YouTube

There’s many other things to enjoy in this game as well such as Customising your villagero, visiting friends campsites, adding huge projects like Pools to your campsite and customising your campervan inside and out! An interesting take on the Animal Crossing series for Mobile!

Source: YouTube

I myself am looking forward to trying this game out, I’ll definitely be reviewing it for Quixotic and as a fan fo Animal Crossing this will definitely use up a lot of my life when the game drops in Late November! Tell us what you think on twitter!