Welcome back dear readers, today I’m going to be talking about a bit more of a serious/sensitive topic and that is, sexuality. Throughout this post, I will be linking pages in that give the definitions of each sexuality I mention.

There are a variety of sexualities in the world that people identify as but actually come out as a different one as it’s “easier”.–lgbt-community-genderqueer.jpg

This doesn’t sit right with me because people are feeling uncomfortable enough in coming out to say a different sexuality to what they are due to people’s reactions, even in 2017. For instance, someone who is pansexual will often come out as bisexual instead (definition on same page as pansexual) as they feel it is easier to explain that they are attracted to two genders rather than try to explain to someone that they are attracted to a person regardless of their gender. In this day and age, no one should have to say that they are a different sexuality purely because someone wouldn’t understand what they mean.

Another issue that irates me is the labels or judgements that come from someone saying their sexuality. For example, lesbians are stereotypically seen as “butch” and have a specific image that people see them as, so when someone says that they are lesbian and don’t fit that specific image, they’ll hear that one phrase over and over again of “Really? You don’t look lesbian.” Another label that is always thrown at me is that I am greedy because I am bisexual, sometimes it’s in a joking way and I know it’s a joke but sometimes, it’s thrown as a joke but, to me, doesn’t feel like one. As well as this, when on dating app Tinder, I always get asked if I’m down for a threesome purely because I’m bisexual. Being bisexual doesn’t equate to wanting to have a threesome, that could be wanted by someone regardless of their sexuality.

Finally, I bring myself to the issue that angers me most about sexuality; people’s ignorance towards the topic. Many a time have I been with friends and had to explain to them what certain terms mean, such as genderfluid, and they’ve not understood entirely. However, some of my friends will take the time to have it explained further or to search it online whereas others just completely disregard what I’ve explained and will then continue to be ignorant towards people in the LGBT+ community by referring to them as the opposite pronoun to what they wish to be referred by, for example, someone who is genderfluid and wishes to be referred to as they, my friends may have referred to as she/he instead. Another example of something I’ve witnessed by strangers, is when they would argue with someone who is transgender over their own sexuality, trying to tell, for example, a transgender woman that they were “born with a dick so that makes them a boy” which to me is disgusting as they are trying to tell a stranger how to live and what sexuality or gender they should be.

Sexuality is still a very serious topic, even with all the progress our society has made in ensuring equal rights for members of the LGBT+ community, as individuals are still being harassed on a daily basis by people who are too ignorant to do some research on different sexualities that their friends may identify as. Furthermore, the older generation have a part to play in this as some members of the older generation refuse to have their ideals and beliefs changed about people in the LGBT+ community and will then pass those ideals and beliefs down to their children who will continue to think the same things as their parents.

We still have a long way to go despite the progress we have made, and I hope I am still around to see the end of that and the beginning of something new.

That’s it from me today, sorry it was a bit more of a deeper post but it is something I am very passionate about.

Until next time…

Jamie xo