Puella Magi Madoka Magica – a work of art

Hello everyone, Alan here, I’m here to talk about an anime I quite enjoy and have enjoyed for a long time. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and today I’m going to go through the core things that make Madoka Magica fantastic.

For those unaware Madoka Magica follows the story of Madoka whom is offered the ability to become a magical girl and fight witches by a mysterious and adorable creature called a Kyubey. Throughout the series Madoka meets other witches such as Mami and the mysterious Homura. The series whilst sounding generic has some tones that definitely set it apart I will cover in my story section. I’m being intentionally vague however for a reason. Go and watch it if you haven’t seen it.

Spoiler warning. From this point on I’m going to assume you’ve seen the whole thing and reference as such.

The visuals

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is in a word stunning, the blending of the traditional anime art style with the surreal worlds of the witches as well as the fantastic use of color and lighting sets the series somewhat apart with it’s unique feel you can’t really get anywhere else. No show I’ve watched before or since has had the same feel to it that Madoka Magica has. The series is able to convey it’s feeling often through it’s imagery alone and that is something I will always praise this series for.

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The Music

Hand in hand with the visuals is the music. Composed by the amazing Yuki Kajiura with her notable works in the Sword Art Online series. Madoka’s score is able to perfectly convey what’s going on through sound. A core part of the series plot involves music as well somethnig that is well conveyed. Magia is still one of the best parts of this psychological thriller.

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Gen Urobuchi

Gen Urobuchi, known to some as the Butcher is known for his dark writing style and I still consider this his best work. He’s written many good shows like Fate/Zero and Psycho Pass and I consider both of those to be fantastically designed and written shows. So what happens when you combine an author known for his dark twists and writing with a show about Magical Girls, well you get an exceptionally dark story but one with some incredibly layered thought. The show is written in such a way that it just clicks. One of the most well written episodes is the episode where we see Homura go back in time continuously to save Madoka from Kyubey and to me the placement of this episode is a work of art in itself. It adds so much to the series and layers so much in terms of Homura’s struggle. If you go back and re-watch the series every action and move Homura makes is so fundamentally obvious that I was practically screaming whilst watching the films. Kyubey also gets a mention here for being such a well designed villain. His cuteness aside is incredibly stone cold logic and thought process makes him so fantastically evil that it’s amazing to watch. Every-time Kyubey says something as if it’s obvious but in actual fact if it was a human saying those words then they’d sound like a psychopath is fantastic. The decision to make Kyubey a cute animal bunny thing over a person is one I hugely respect because it adds so much depth to his human disconnect.

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It’s so much more though, the devastation of the course when something horrendous happens and the way in which after episode 3 the show becomes so dark and tragic is just continuously leaving me with a sense of wonder.

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Everything I’ve mentioned here is why to me Madoka Magica will always be a work of art. It’s fantastically well written, it’s visuals are stunning and always tell a story and it’s music and soundtrack is fantastic.

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