Lush: Lord of Misrule

In case you didn’t already know, October is a brilliant time for bathbombs! With Halloween only a few weeks away it’s time for everything spooky to fill our feeds! Now, I’ve already reviewed bathbombs that are skull shaped, I’ve reviewed bathbombs that are shaped like witches cauldrons, now for something a little different and well, spicy!


Although not spoopy in any way, though this bathbomb just fills me with Halloween joy! It’s fragrance giving off a crisp sense that winter is coming and that mulled wine essence just fills not only the bath tub, but the whole room! This is one of my favourite bath experiences yet and is deffo something I’ll use again! Let’s have a look at it!


So as I said before, this bathbomb reminds me so much of like a feast and mulled wine! Okay so that may be the idea but from the green exterior, that wasn’t what I was expecting but when the bathbomb expanded, a red glow came from the centre! Like a glass of red wine had been spilt into the bath water.


As for smell? It was so winter-spicy! And it helped clear a blocked nose! (Did also kinda make me feel hungry though! As it is writing this up now!) it’s something that you’ll love as soon as it’s out the packet and well, with cinnamon being one of my favourite smells, made me fall in love with the bathbomb instantly.


As for a surprise! I wasn’t expecting the popping candy in the bathbomb! But with bonfire night coming soon it only seemed fitting I buy another for that night! Oh and finally the bath left a deep purpley red colour which was so beautiful! Very fitting for this kind of year, especially lush for those who like their dark baths! You can buy the Lord of Misrule bathbomb online or in store for just £3.95! (You can also get showergel too!!)