Who’s safe and who isn’t safe in Season Eight of The Walking Dead?

The premier of AMC’s hit zombie drama is just days away which can only be good news for fans of The Walking Dead, right? Well not quite, after a summer of peace, the return of the comic book inspired series means that TWD followers will once again be filled with anxiety over their favourite character’s fate. The quest for ratings and also the sick minds of the show’s creative forces means any cast member may be having their ‘last supper’ soon.

Fans of Abraham and poor Glenn would’ve been destroyed (not as bas as they were) by last season’s opener, whilst the deaths of Hershel and Sophia also shocked audiences in previous seasons. Rick Grimes’ wife Lori was another killed off dramatically, but no one cared because she sucked. So as a passionate fan of The Walking Dead, I will do my best to put some minds at ease by predicting the fate of our favourite characters.

And before people say ‘That won’t happen because it didn’t happen in the comics’, in the comics Rick is married to Andrea, Sophia is still alive and Carol died years ago after falling in love with a walker.

Rick Grimes


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The star of The Walking Dead should be safe, he should live to the finale which finishes with him waking up having imagined the whole thing after Lori cooked him some space cakes to spice up their marriage. However this is The Walking Dead, a show that kills characters for the fun of it. Rick’s survival chances aren’t helped by the fact the opening scene of the new season is his son Carl recreating the opening scene shot for shot from Season One in Rick’s place, in what can easily be construed as a passing of the torch moment for the show. Killing Rick Grimes off and making Carl the new leader would be the most shocking moment in the show’s history, but I don’t think nor do I want this to happen. Andrew Lincoln will be leading the cast in season nine as long as he is still happy doing so.

Daryl Dixon

What makes Norman Reedus’ character so cool is that his fate isn’t dictated by the comics because he isn’t in the comics. He’s also a total badass on and off the screen. Daryl, along with his bae Carol and Rick, and maybe the Morales family (Remember them?) are the only survivors from the Atlanta crew which makes their fate even more important. In my humble opinion Daryl will make it through another season, however my reason won’t be very popular. His role in the death of Glenn and his lack of special moments with Carol means Dixon’s stock isn’t as high as it used to be, and for that reason I think the writers will save his death for when it will hurt people the most. I’d expect him to play a key role in defeating Negan’s army to regain his place as the show’s biggest hero, especially when another character dies.


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Carol Peltier

I feel so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so bad writing this, but I think Carol’s time is coming to an end. She’s gone from an abused wife, to an understandably but still annoying grieving mother, to useless member of the team, to psychopath to the team’s best asset and then to someone who’s had enough of this world. I’m not sure where Carol is going to go next. She will play a role in defeating Negan and might go back to being a badass, but she won’t be able to replicate RPG shooting cookie monster Carol. She almost met her end at the end of Season Six, and I don’t think she’ll be as lucky this season. Carol’s death will be the most hard hitting but the show will be able to move on and I think that’s why it will happen. Carol if you’re reading this please don’t set me on fire.


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It would be easy to say Negan is going to die after being defeated by Rick but his fate isn’t that simple, readers of the comics will know that. Personally, I think Negan’s survival odds depend on Jeffrey Dean Morgan. As his display of the sociopathic villain have shown, he’s an extremely talented actor, and would be in demand if he was to leave the show. If the man with the three first names would be happy taking a reduced role and billing in the future as a defeated Negan, possibly in his comics role, then Lucille’s sugar daddy will survive, but if something can’t be worked out, then his time will be up, possibly at the hands of an unlikely hero…

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Remember when everyone loved Eugene? Pepperidge farm remembers. Now the fraudulent scientist is disturbingly unpopular after turning his back on the team and aligning with Negan. While it all may still be a ruse, the social media users who bullied Josh McDermott into deleting his twitter have fully turned against Eugene. However I think the mullet man will silence the haters with an act of heroism by playing a dramatic and key role in defeating Negan. Unfortunately though, this will result in his death, proving it is possible to live long enough as the villain and then die a hero.

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