Have you ever… seen Withnail and I?

So I’m jumping on the bandwagon here and releasing a Have you ever?! Now looking at Gabe’s film choices it’s clear to me he’s running with a theme of culture shock! Which, unfortunately I’m not all too familiar with, so my choice comes from something that appeared on my Timehop! After I watched this film for the first time only THREE YEARS AGO it was about time I familiarised myself with it and got watching it again! I present to you, Withnail and I.


So this isn’t an easy film to sum up in a short and sweet sentence. There’s so much depth to this film and it’s really hard to pin down, but I’ll give it my best. Withnail and I is about two young-ish men, Withnail (played by Richard E. Grant) and Marwood (played by Paul McGann) who are broke AF and decide to move to the country, but as you can imagine things don’t entirely go to plan and it gets a bit messy. Oh and it also stars the late Richard Griffiths as Monty… win!

But you see what I mean? Not the easiest to explain without giving away the entire plot and spoil some of the best comedic lines I’ve ever heard.

All I will say, is don’t go in to this film thinking it’ll be cheery and happy and make you laugh the whole time, because it won’t. It’s raw, grainy and well , rustic. It’s not sugar coated in any form. In fact, when I booked my tickets to see this film I actually got told I specifically wouldn’t enjoy it, unlike my two male friends would… *cough* sexist. But proving the box office guy wrong, I find this film to be a melancholic masterpiece. Which for a film that turned 30 this year, isn’t too shabby!

Seen Withnail and I? Let me know what you thought!

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