Making of the Mob: New York Review

I never write reviews of TV shows or films but recently I have really been enjoying this programme on Netflix. So I’ll give this a shot. Making of the Mob: New York is a Netflix original with 8 episodes in the season. It takes us through, like the name says, the making of the mob. I never thought I’d find the mafia so interesting!

I’m unsure how much truth there is to the storyline but there are many academics and ex-mob members, who are interviewed throughout and seem to tell the ‘story’. I have done a slight bit of research, which seems to be somewhat corresponding to show.×600-2.jpg

In the first episode, you are introduced to the main mob members their series is written around. Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel, Vito Genovese and Frank Costello. The episode starts in the year 1905 when Luciano was just a child. You see them work up their way from teenagers doing petty crime to taking over the mafia.

It was so interesting to see the strategies used by these mobsters to get to the top. Luciano is portrayed as the mastermind and genius who changed who the mafia was running. I was engrossed by all the different members and how they used their skill set to get to the top.  As you expect with the mafia there is a lot of murdering so a lot of tension is built as you never know what characters will or will not die but also how they die.
Ian Bell as Meyer Lansky, John Stewart Jr. as Bugsy Siegel, Rich Graff as Lucky Luciano, Anthony DiCarlo as Frank Costello and Craig Rivela as Vito Genovese – Making of the Mob _ Season 1, First Look – Photo Credit: Lawrence French/AMC

Overall, I wouldn’t say this is the most educational programme but it engrosses you in none the less. I would really recommend watching this because it’s just so interesting imagining what it would be like back then.