Prettysuds: The Alicorn

0F71B81F-1B46-49AF-AC8D-BA0E94DBDAEC.jpegOh my gosh, as soon as I unwrapped this I fell in love. The smell of this bathbomb hit me like a tonne of bricks, only in a good way!

So if you didn’t already know, I love anything that makes me think of the Day of The Dead… like that opening scene to Spectre!! This bathbomb really hits the spot! I may just have to stock up on these before November 2nd because they have shot to the top of my favourite bathbomb list! Yes, beating the beautiful smelling Katch em ball and the Fatebomb!

This bathbomb really took me by surprise as I didnt actually specifically order it, I went with the blue skull, The Alchemist, which I must say I was disappointed with. You can read my review on that here!

The Alicorn actually came in a mystery package of seven bathbombs that Prettysuds had put together in a box for only £10!! (I couldn’t resist!) and this happened to be in there! Yaaay! It’s always the products you least expect to surprise you that do! And this is no exception!

The defenition on the skull is so skilled and well designed and I feel the colours within it really make the shape stand out. It’s also a really decent size, like okay my hands are fairly small but look!


As for smell, it was incredible as soon as i opened the packaging, that berry combo really works and appeals to my tastebuds – we’ll more scentbuds but hey! – although, I will say the strength of the smell didn’t last too long after the bomb had fizzled out in the water.


I also wasn’t too keen on the final colouring of the water, it wasn’t very vibrant but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for everything else being top notch. It did however before dispersing look like a warm blanket of foam, which would really relax in the winter months!


This skull really gets the thumbs up from me as that instant scent matches the design! You can get your mits on one of these right here for £3.95! Let me know what you think of you try it!