Geek in a Week: Week 9, Part 2

Hi there and welcome back to Geek in a Week, this is your fellow correspondent Jac with this week’s news! What a week, with Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Riverdale all returning this week, and Arrow airing last night (at the time of writing this article) which means superhero season is back!

After watching Supergirl, Flash and Legends, my favourite pick for this season has to be Flash, mainly because of the main villain: The Thinker! Supergirl’s premiere was darker, with Kara being more focused on being the hero instead of enjoying life. It does make a nice change to the series but will not last long, as Mon-El will return soon. New characters such as Bloodsport and Morgan Edge are brilliant though and will soon cause trouble. Legends of Tomorrow seems to be slightly more about the narrative this  season, with that being focused more in Season 2! Not much was revealed, except that Rip’s new team the Time Bureau will cause more damage than good, especially when they directly face the legends head to head but both could work together to unite against a greater threat. And finally the best to last; The Flash! from the new villains they’re going to be introduced to the new storylines they might explore, this season will be best yet! Probably because the threat will be Barry or significantly affect him rather than his friends around him (Iris). With enough of my ramblings about the shows over with, so without further ado let’s dive into the news!


This Week’s Headline News: Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi Trailer is released!

Yes it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! With only 2 months left, we get our best glimpse of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi in this new trailer! Ill be honest I haven’t seen the trailer yet as I want to avoid spoilers but I know all of you will be really excited to see the next chapter of the trilogy, with possibly more hints at Rey’s parents and Snoke revealed? the film will be released on 15th December, 2017!


Now do you guys remember my Gotham villains list waaay back? Well since then it’s been announced not 1, but 2 of those villains are on their way!


Calendar Man

First off, it was announce that Gotham has plans to introduce Calendar Man, but not this series. John Stephens, executive producer for the show said this;

“Oh 100 percent,” Stephens said of Calendar Man’s potential appearance on the series. “There’s been a lot of conversations about him. We got really close to using him this year, but we could not. But he’s one of the ones who’s on deck as saying, ‘Well, we gotta use Julian Day.'”

Does that make you guys happy? Going forward the show now seems more comfortable using characters we’re more familiar with. So does that mean Calendar Man is confirmed for Season 5, or maybe at some point this season just to throw us off? is it likely they might throw in Easter egg near the end of the season if they’e really committed though!


And at last but not least, it’s also been confirmed that Tommy Elliot will return for Season 4 as well. This well means that the show has plans for him to eventually turn into Hush, but since this is the first time he will be appearing since Season 1, it’s more than likely it’ll be teased out over a few episodes, creating a rivalry for Bruce while he’s out fighting crime. It’s clear that Gotham never forgets a character, and who knows maybe Hush will become the main villain for next year!


Speaking of those lists I made, there is one character that ha been announced for the Flash that I didn’t include….


Kilg%re comes to the Flash!


One character that I sadly didn’t mention on my list, it’s now been announced that the Flash will face Kilg%re this season. Kilg%re (pronounced Kilgore) is a living computer virus able to hack into any computer mainframe or system in the world. Kilg%re in the series has been described as “electro-mechano-organic lifeform,” so it’s safe to assume that Kilg%re will stick to his comic book roots. At the end of the first episode of Season 4, it was revealed that the Samuroid was created by The Thinker to lure the Flash back from the speedforce, so it’s a good chance that Kilg%re will be used in the same way!


And finally, this week’s video comes from the Constantine animated series that’s set to air on CW Seed very very soon! So let’s take a look!


Yes Matt Ryan his returning to voice his famous devil dealing supernatural sleuth John Constantine, but in animation this time. The trailer sees Constantine encounter evil spirits, monsters, demons etc while trying to stay out of trouble. The teaser doesn’t show much in terms of story, but here’s hoping this series will be better than the original! The animated series will join the likes of Vixen and The Ray:Freedom Fighters on CW Seed.
That’s not all though, as Constantine will return to the Arrowverse later this year! After appearing in Season 4 of Arrow helping to bring Sara Lance back from the dead, John Constantine will meet her again as he will return to TV on Legends of Tomorrow! This is fantastic as we’ve been dying to see Constantine back again, especially Matt Ryan.
This season of Legends will focus a bit more on the occult, rather than time travel. With the big bad potentially name dropped in the Season 4 premiere being Mallus, we also have Damien Dahrk to deal with as he will be resurrected from the dead and form his own team of supernatural foes; including Gorilla Grodd and Kuasa. John Constantine will arrive just in time then to aid the Legends with his paranormal abilities. Here’s hoping we see the Justice League Dark appear in the future as well?


So that’s it for this week, but i’ll be back soon after attending the first RTX London event this weekend, so i’m afraid that I won’t be able to post on Monday, but rest assured i’ll be ready to share the event with all of you! That’s all to report for now, we’ll be back with your regular updates, as well as all the geeky gossip and nerdy news.

Until then this is Jac, signing out.