Lush: Bubble Bar – Bewitched!

Aa far as Friday the thirteenths go, this one has been kinda unnoticeable. In fact, I didn’t even notice it was Friday 13th until well into the afternoon! So, to celebrate my great day it’s time for a great bath to end the day and the working week!

So, as I’m developing a theme of bathbomb related posts recently, why break tradition and keep those Halloween treats coming! With this feline shaped bubble bar!


I’ve never actually used a Lush bubble bar before and this one was too good to pass up, I love cats! I love bath products! And I love Halloween!! So this bewitched bar has to be done! Let’s see how it goes!

So this 13/10/17 bathtime was graced with Lionel (my cat) sitting outside the door of the bathroom, crying… but I don’t fancy having him scratch up the door when he’s locked on the inside next to a pool of black water… oh yeah the bubble bar makes the water black! Well… kinda grey cause I didn’t use the whole bar – more for later! But I know as a fact Lionel wouldn’t like to sit in the bathroom for long, so he catnapped outside. I’ve rambled! Sorry!

So here’s the bubble bar…


I can’t say I’m impressed by its attention to detail with the eyes but even so it’s cat shaped. Win.

Design aside, the instructions said to crumble the bar under some warm running water, creating bubbles! Yay! So that’s one good thing, it does what it says on the packet (well not in this case with lush not using packaging to prevent masses of waste disposal! )


Next up, smell? Okay so I have a cold again… so smelling isn’t my strong point but this bar has a really sweet smell and it smells very bubblegum like which is nice, not what I expected from its exterior.

So overall I really quite liked this product, it made my skin super soft again! Which is good! It’s also vegan! Woooo! No cats harmed in the making of this product!

Really recommend this product, you can get one in store or online here for £4.25!