DressGate take 2

I thought I would do a post that is a little different to what I normally do, and that is to post some ‘news’ of what’s happening in the virtual world currently!

Remember the crazy dressgate phase? Yknow, the one with the gold-white dress that was actually blue-black? Yeah, well it’s come back, but as a shoe this time!

The shoe

Source: https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/mint-gray-pink-white-sneaker.jpg?quality=65&strip=all&strip=all

A person recently uploaded this picture saying that her friend sent her this asking what colour she sees the shoe as, grey and mint or pink and white? And when they both disagreed she decided to upload and ask the world! And well… now it’s a heated debated once again with the world torn in two about what colour this is!

This debate has (as per usual) taken over Twitter slowly with the two opinions flying left right and centre. Some with very witty and sarcastic responses.

Inkedtwitter 1_LISome being clearly confused and seeking reassurance

Inkedtwitter 3_LISome caring, but mainly on the disapproval of the shoe appearance

twitter 2Some just wanting to create a debate!

So, what colour is the shoe?

Well… the answer is… PINK AND WHITE! So, those of you that got it, well done! Those of you that didn’t, don’t worry you aren’t colour blind. The perception of individuals can be altered and affected through light. The original image posted was taken with a flash and darkened.  If you want to know more about this I recommend this post on the Telegraph where they explain the science behind the eye for when the dressgate phase occurred! As well as this post on the Guardian which also explains why overtime our eyes are slowly adjusting to see it as pink and white when those originally had not!

So, the real question is, what colour did you see?