5 nerdy things to do when on a long travel!

So, I have a travel every month or so at the moment to visit my girlfriend and so because of that I have to find something to pass the time with. Here is my top 5 nerdy things to do when you’re on a long travel to help you pass the time.

5 – Reading/Audio Books

I find a great way to pass a 5 hour coach journey is to sit back and listen to an audio book, personally this is my preferred method of absorbing a book but you could also read on your way to your location!

4 – Play a board game (With friends)

If you’re going somewhere with friends and need to pass the time then something that’s fun, especially on trains is to play some board games with friends, there’s lots of board games in places like forbidden plannet and you can find many that work for many different timed journeys!


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3 – Do some work

Not quite as nerdy, but potentially sitting on your laptop might be a good thing to also do on the journey, get a little bit of work done inbetween messing around!


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2 – Mobile Games/Nintendo Switch

This one was a big thing on my previous journey, I played at elast 10 hours of Stardew valley across my journey up and down to my destination. Sometimes filling a long journey with video games is the best way to pass the time, I made far too much progress in Stardew valley across that journey.


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1 – Watch Media content

Best thing to do on a trip anywhere? Watch a whole series of a show, sit and watch the Marvel films you haven’t watched! The possabilities are endless! I spent a break in London catching up on some anime via Funimation Now!


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I hope you enjoyed my list, until next time! Remember to tweet us your thoughts!