On the way to clear skin: update #2

It has been quite a while since my last visit to the dermatologist. In this post I’ll update you on my skin.


She gave me some medicine and a few creams.

First off she told me I could use my Clinique cleansers to clean my face in the morning and evening. I also got a cream which the pharmacist had to make himself. I had to use that cream morning and evening.


In the evening I also had to use the Benzadermine cream on my problem areas. This dried out my face like crazy, but it worked to reduce the spots.


Then for my back I had to use the Benzac wash three times a week. My back isn’t my biggest problem area, but it did help to keep it clear.


Lastly she gave me a medicine, it’s a sort of antibiotics. I have to take these Tetralysal pills twice a day (I’ve nearly choked in them a couple of times).


As I said, the cream really dried out my skin, it got really flaky so I had to stop using it for a while. But with this combination, I immediately saw a difference. The redness went down a lot and the irritation stopped. Now, I do still have some spots here and there, but nothing like before. Before my chin was covered in pimples.


This cure was meant to reduce the irritation on my skin. Now I’ll have to start a ‘roccutane’ cure. This is a vitamine A-acid cure. I already had to do some bloodtests, because this is quite a ‘heavy’ treatment, which could affect your kidneys, so they have to keep an eye on that. So, I’ll keep you posted.