Last Minute Gift Ideas

I am an extremely forgetful person, like EXTREMELY. Several of my friends can vouch for this. However, this has never stopped me being the present Queen (if I say so myself). I go through last minute madness but I accomplish it! So, I thought I would share some last minute gift ideas that are thoughtful but also easily accessible if you require a gift quick!

Rustic retro gifts, present boxes on glitter background. Christm

In some shops you can get individual items and they will turn it into a hamper for you. Body Shop is a good one for this! However, if they don’t do them you can still get loads of little things and put together a hamper yourself. They can be favourite chocolates, or jewellery etc. Small things, but things that mean something to the person.


Good old fashioned scrapbook, or even a photo frame/board! Collect loads of pictures and memorabilia and stick them into a scrapbook or create a collage of your favourite pictures with the person on a photo frame/board. Most of the time these can be found in craft shops or you can create them online! Though, I personally prefer to do the whole messy process myself!


This one is probably good for those that have amazon prime or have shops nearby that can do personalised items for you pretty quickly. But, personalised items with names etc are very thoughtful! I tend to do little items, that I know they need, personalised for them. I find Etsy has a lot of good things for this if you have a fair amount of time before you need the present!


Think about what they like or if they have moved into a new house or like to decorate their room. Decorative items are always perfect to give as you will always get something that relates to the individual and that is thoughtful! There are several shops that can do these, if you want nerdy or quirky things Red 5 or Menkind is good! Craft shops are too good, you can even create your own if you wanted to!


Depending on what the person is most into you can always buy an album, movie or a book for the person alongside a box of chocolates or their favourite wine as a present. It’s a simple present but it can be thoughtful if you know what they like and they notice that you did! Waterstones and HMV are perfect for this!


These are just some of the ideas I have, however dependent on the person you can always work your way around things and create more last minute gifts! Personally, my favourite has been personalised items recently!

Have you got any go to last minute gift ideas? Drop a comment if you do! I would love to hear yours.