Geek in a Week: Week 9, Part 1 (Flash Special)

Hi there and welcome back to Geek in a Week, this is your fellow correspondent Jac with this week’s news! This is my final part of my top 10 Flash villains that need to appear soon! Since this week sees the return of Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and Legends etc, i’ll be quickly reviewing these shows at the end of the week, plus recapping on any news that has been missed. I’ll also be taking a break from these lists, but I promise i’ll be devising them for Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow soon! Anyways here’s to this week’s list!

As always this list is devised from what I think is most likely to come true and is completely my personal opinion given the direction of the show. Be warned there maybe some spoilers ahead! So without further ado let’s hit the road and run like the fastest man alive!


5. Rose & Thorn

Rose & Thorn

With Blacksmith to appear this series, we’ve seen quite a few female foes try to take down the Crimson Comet. These have included Magenta, Peek-a-Boo, Golden Glider and of course Killer Frost, and while we’re watching Poison Ivy bloom over on Gotham, maybe the Flash could introduce DC’s original plant based villain to compete? Enter Rose & Thorn! Rhosyn “Rose” Forrest used to have an imaginary child when she was younger named Thorn, where she would blame all the bad things that happened to Rose on her. This would carry on until her adult life where she would eventually develop Thorn as a split personality. Rose eventually managed to control Thorn whilst studying Biology on the island of  Tashmi. But after being exposed to a sap from a jungle root, Thorn was eventually surfaced and took over Rose’s personality killing her Professor as well. Rose discovered she could now control plants and all things poisonous, and was a recurring foe who harassed Jay Garrick, the original Flash. This origin is similar (especially in the recent line of comics) to the Meta-Human Magenta, who appeared last season of the show. To counter this we could witness her transformation over the course of several episodes to really buildup the tension like Caitlin’s and who knows maybe even fight against Killer Frost to truly turn Caitlin back to good.


4. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue.jpg

Since the introduction of the Multiverse in Season 2, The Flash has been able to create new storylines and re-introduce deceased characters but now from other Earths. One character could follow this trend could be Malcolm Thawne better known as Cobalt Blue. Nora Allen was rushed to the hospital one night expecting to give birth, but what she didn’t know was that she was carrying twins. Also expected to give birth was Charlene Thawne, whose child was accidentally killed the same evening. One of Nora’s twins was handed to Charlene, with Nora convinced one of the twins was stillborn to make up for the damage. Malcolm Thawne was then brought up in the abusive Thawne home, and eventually became self-aware of Barry’s loving family. Malcolm was capable of practising sorcery, and created a mystical blue flame that could steal Barry’s superspeed. This would eventually spark a hate between the families for generations. This is the first character on one my lists that I already have an actor in mind to portray him; Rick Cosnett who plays Eddie Thawne in the series. Again altered to fit the series, Malcolm could be from another Earth where he was Barry’s twin but was given meta-human abilities after being adopted by the Thawnes. This would be a great way to bring back Rick whilst keeping the team and the audience guessing his true identity. Plus this would be a way of keeping the Thawne name alive, without needing to bring back Reverse-Flash.


3. Cicada


David Hersch aka Cicada was obsessed with the Flash ever since the tragic night that his wife died. After wife was struck by lightning, David saw a vision where he was to live forever on with his wife, but to do this he would need to take the energy source of all the people saved by the Flash. Hersch would lead a cult that would kill anyone saved by the Flash with lightning shaped daggers, siphoning energy that would give Hersch immortality and a healing factor. Although this might not translate well directly to the series, Cicada could just be obsessed with the Flash and the Speed Force, wanting to steal his powers for himself to resurrect his dead wife. We’ve already seen this story telling work with Mr Freeze on Gotham, so why not make it darker that could be built over several episodes. Cicada could potentially be used by the Thinker to steal Flash’s powers if he was to appear this season. As I mentioned last week, what the series does well is telling us stories and origins that can makes us feel sympathy but at the same time making us fear for our lives. Plus with Barry being trapped inside the speedforce for several months, this could be made into a completely flashback based episode replacing Barry for Wally.


2. Inertia


I had to put a speedster somewhere on this list, and while I love Godspeed from the Rebirth storyline, I feel it’s too soon for the Flash to face an all powerful speedster straight after Savitar. So here steps in Inertia. Inertia is a clone of Barry Allen’s future grandson; Bart Allen, the Speedster known as Impulse  Inertia, whose real name is Thaddeus Thawne was created by President Thawne in the 30th Century to kill Bart by travelling back in time. The show may have done Speedsters to death, and as I said even though Godspeed is one of the greatest new villains in recent years, his storyline is much to similar to Prometheus from Arrow, plus after Savitar we need a break from unmasking speedsters. After Season 4 we could maybe introduce Inertia and Impulse, which could see Barry travel to the future to try and make peace between the 2 families once and for all. Plus watching a rivalry from Barry’s point of view, as anything he does could alter the timeline. We’ve actually already seen Impulse debut in Season 4 of Smallville, so this could be fun way of combining both shows together.


Before I reveal the top choice of Flash villain, here are 2 bonus characters that we need to see redone in the series:

Bonus: Doctor Light/Shade



The first is Doctor Light, a villain that can turn light waves into laser blasts, and actually debuted in Season 2 of the show. Not this version though. Arthur Light was the original character in the comics that went by this alter-ego, and was teased before the show even began. In Season 2 of Arrow, where Barry, Cisco and Caitlin were all introduced to pilot the series, it was revealed that an ex-employee of S.T.A.R. Labs named “Light” went insane and started to produce light based weapons. So Where has he been all this time??

Secondly we have Shade, who appeared briefly in Season 3. Shade aka Richard Swift has a rich backstory, as in the comics he was an immortal Victorian who was able to control shadows to do his bidding, all of this was ditched in the episode which as a same, as apparently Wally West was a more important story line. Since the Shade in the show was unnamed, creating another version with the original origin from another Earth would be a joy to witness. Anyway rant over, here’s my number 1 choice…



  1. The Rogues/The Renegades/The New Rogues




Okay so even though the top spot technically includes 3 groups, they’re all basically the same team underneath. The Rogues, which have changed over the year are typically made up from 6 of the Flash’s greatest villains. These include Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Golden Glider & Weather Wizard but have also featured the likes of Captain Boomerang, Trickster and the Top. The Rogues were all formed by Captain Cold to exact revenge on their greatest nemesis, while teaming up to commit crimes together. Now all of these characters have been introduced in the series so it’s about time that this group finally formed to take down the Scarlet Speedster! Now since the Rogue’s leader Captain Cold is technically dead, Heat Wave is now a reformed hero aboard the Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow, it may be difficult to create the original Rogues on the show. Enter the other 2 options; The Renegades and the New Rogues.

The Renegades are actually descendants of the original team but are actually from the 25th century. They were formed together by the legal system to police criminals by using historical records and time travel to erase the culprit in the first place. This team consisted of Commander Cold, Heatstroke, Mirror Monarch, Weather Warlock, Trixster and Top. The New Rogues were a team of young criminals who stole the weapons from the the Rogues, who were actually created by the Penguin as one of his new gangs. The New Rogues consisted of Chill, Burn, Mirror-Man, Weather Witch and Mr Magic. They were all eventually killed by their original counter parts.

We all know that The Rogues will appear hopefully soon as it has been teased since the very beginning of the series. Every episode in the Flash that heavily featured Captain Cold has used the word “Rogue” in the title. So can we take this as a sign that we will see all these villains unite? Well you know what they say, 6 foes are better than 1.


So that’s it! Did your favourite Flash character make the list? Well let’s hopefully watch the series starting this Tuesday to find out! As I mentioned earlier, i’ll be taking a break from these lists to catch up on everything that I’ve missed! Plus i’ll be attending the first RTX event that’s being held in London this weekend so I can’t wait to share with all of you what I got up to! That’s all to report for now, we’ll be back with your regular updates, as well as all the geeky gossip and nerdy news.

Until then this is Jac, signing out.