Forever In Our Hearts ❤

I wanted to dedicate this post to awareness of those we may have lost throughout the years.

Two years ago I lost both my Nan and Granddad in the space of two months as well as a few other close friends of mine. It was a tough year for my mother more than anyone, who was moments away from seeing both of them when it happened. However, it was still a tough year for me too and I dealt with it in the classic manner of Atifa; that is to just turn into a temperamental person who feels no sorrow and run. I soon found out that this did not help, and that it all comes flooding back.


At those moments I was angry at everything and everyone, I couldn’t understand how people could moan about little things continuously and it just made me lash out.


To this day, I think that time changed me a lot. However, I am not as angry as I was then. Overtime it helped me realise that life is short, you can’t live it in despair and anger and sadness. It taught me to keep loving, not just those that are gone, but those that are here. You have to live it to the fullest, whether it be for yourself or for the lost loved ones. You live it appreciating every little thing, that you are alive and well, that you have food and water. Only then will you start to get happier and happier, and soon the mundane things will matter less. I am not saying do not grieve, or saying that getting angry about anything is stupid, but eventually they will matter very little.


So cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, and remember the good stuff. Forget the grudges, and forgive the mistakes. Move on together, and love each other. Because when they are gone, you will wish you spent more time creating more happy moments. Keep living happily for those that you have lost and those that you still have.

Remember, there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.