Lush “Metamorphis” Honest Review

Welcome back, dear readers! As you can tell from the title,  today I have  decided to review the Lush bath bomb “Metamorphis”. I recently bought it when in my local Lush shop and I was instantly drawn to it because of it’s colour:

The majority of bath bombs I had seen at Lush were bright and colourful but when I saw this bath bomb, I wanted to try it out. The label on it’s packaging said: ‘When dropped into a warm bath, your bomb will fizz away releasing its colours and beneficial oils. Lie back, relax and enjoy’ and it’s description on the Lush website says: ‘A symphony of darkness and light, this intensely rhapsodic bomb will release comforting, tranquil black pepper and myrrh resinoid to cleanse and uplift your soul. Release into warm water, and as the darkness of night fizzes away, a warm cinnamon sunrise of orange, pink, yellow and green bursts into life. Break free of the old and step into a bright new day.’

When dropping the bath bomb into the water, the colour began to turn to a grey, as expected with the colour of the bomb, however, when the outer layer dissolved away, other colours began to emerge from inside:

The colours began to get me excited to have a brightly coloured bath to relax in, however I was soon disappointed when the colour only turned to a murky green as well as leaving grey stains around the edge of my bath that were hard to get off, making me feel like Shrek in his swamp. 

As for the essential oils, the bath did smell divine however, it didn’t really leave my skin feeling soft until it came to washing and just made me want to get out of the bath sooner than I usually would like to.

Overall, it’s a nice smelling bath bomb, however I personally wouldn’t purchase this bomb again due to the final colour, the grey stains around the edge of the bath and the fact that it left my skin feeling weird by the end of it.

Rating : 4/10

That’s it from me today! Until next time…

Jamie xo