Tips on how to read more books this autumn

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The seasons are changing and the weather is getting (a lot) colder so there is nothing more I like better than chilling at home in my fluffy jumpers with a hot cuppa and a good book.

My original goal this year was to read more and I don’t know why but it was a lot harder than I thought, maybe it was because I’ve been too busy or I was just not interested in reading any of the books I had. I feel like I fell out of the habit of picking up a book and I genuinely do enjoy to read.

So for this October I wanted to give myself a reading project/challenge to get my bookworm on and get back into reading regularly. I will attempt to read at least one book a week for this month and then if I feel I can read more then I will definitely give it a go, but I’m not going to be super strict with myself so neither should you!

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If you fancy a challenge then here are a few tips that might help you if you want to read more:

  1. Find excitement in what you do

Whether you want to start a new sport or hobby, you choose to do it because you enjoy it so you are more motivated to actually start. Because I love to read I decided to start the reading challenge as I feel I won’t get bored and end up giving up right at the beginning. Setting a task for yourself that is fun will definitely make it a lot easier for you to achieve your goals.

  1. Try and make an emotional connection

Reading can be very therapeutic as it can be a form of self-care and it helps to take me away from the stresses of everyday life. Whether I’m combatting a wave of self-pity or I’m lost and don’t know what to do then I will choose a book that will help me through my problems. There are so many different types of books out there so no matter how you’re feeling I’m sure there will be some material that will help make you feel good.

  1. Don’t be too strict on yourself

For most – if not all – challenges/goals have room for you to take a breather. So if one week I read a thick, lengthy book then for the next week I will choose a lighter book to read as I don’t want to go too crazy every week. It is important to know your limits to prevent any burnout as you want to keep your reading flow consistent and enjoyable.

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  1. Be specific

When making resolutions and goals they tend to be vague like; “I want to lose weight” or “I will read more” but we never say how much weight we want to lose or how many books will we read? So it’s time to stop being vague and be more specific as this will make it easier for you to achieve success. For my challenge, I decided to read a book a week which is do-able and instead of just telling myself that I will try to “read more”, I chose a certain amount to read and how long for me to do it.

  1. Share your accomplishments

Sometimes posting a picture on social media of what book you’re currently reading and keeping your friends up-to-date can help keep you focused. I don’t mean you have to publicly share all your reading updates but you may find yourself feeling accomplished and more motivated on your reading journey. So every time I finish a book this month I will take a quick snap and post it to my story, mostly for myself but if it can encourage my friends and family to read too then that’s a bonus.

And there you have it, some tips that will help you get started and focused on your reading adventure! If you haven’t given this a try yet then why not challenge yourself! I would love to hear about your journey and any recommendations for books to read are always welcome!

I’ll see you in the next post,

Stephanie ^^