What Star Wars Anthology Films Should Be Made?

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When Disney purchased the rights to Lucas Film back in 2012, they announced that there would be a Star Wars film released every year. This would be a mixture of films that are part of the Star Wars saga and films that would be anthology films. Now, a Star Wars film every year might seem a bit excessive but if they get it right then it that shouldn’t be a problem. The anthology films offer back-story to the Star Wars mythos and offer new films with more original ideas that take influence from other film genres.

So far, we have had Rogue One, which was released in 2016 which told us the story of how the group of rebels led by Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor infiltrated the empire and were able to steal the plans for the Death Star so the rebellion could destroy it. Up next is the Untitled Han Solo film, focusing on the popular characters life before the events of the original films and is being dubbed as a Western.

Both of these films have had lots of problems behind the scenes, Rogue One having to reshoot the entire film in the space of a few weeks because it wasn’t dark enough and producers firing Chris Miller and Phil Lord two weeks before wrapping on the Han Solo film. Since the firing of Lord and Miller, Ron Howard has stepped in to direct the remainder of the film. This may be cause for concern amongst Star Wars fans as it could end up being Disney’s first flop of a their crown jewel franchise. However, having worked on the Han Solo film, I think that it is going be great and I wish I could tell you some of the stuff that is going to happen, but I personally think audiences will love it.

While Disney has Star Wars films planned until 2030, I think that this is a great chance for Disney to explore the lore and mythos of Star Wars and offer something a bit different from the saga films. While there are anthology films focusing on Yoda, Boba Fett and Obi Wan Kenobi, I see these as safe options for the studio that offer fan service, so here are some suggestions that I believe would make great anthology films.

Rogue Squadron

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The sequel to Rogue One, this follows on from the events of that film. The story follows the character; Wedge Antilles who we know from the original trilogy as he fronts a group of rag-tag pilots from different backgrounds on a series of black ops missions such as assassination missions of key figures in the Empire and daring rescue missions of rebel POWs. It would have a similar feel to Rogue One where it would be dark and brooding, and feature epic space dog fights.

The Dawn of the Jedi

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Who wouldn’t want to see this? Set thousands of years before what we know of the galaxy now, this would look at the story of a group of sentient beings that learn how to manipulate the force and their inevitable disagreement on how they should use it. Inevitably leading to the disagreement of how the force should be used and the war that would last thousands of years between the Jedi and the Sith. Dark Horse comics have already done a storyline following these events, so a film based on those would be a great addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Mandalorian Wars/Revan


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What I imagine to be a three-part film, this would again take place thousands of years before the original films but would focus would first focus on the Mandalorian Wars. To fans of the extended universe, you will be very familiar with what this is, however for those who do not know, let me fill you in. The Mandalorians wage war against the Republic, who fought back but slowly started to lose. Some members of the Jedi council felt that they should get involved but the Jedi council stood firm and said they were not warriors or soldiers and refuse to get involved in the war. This leads a group of Jedi led by a young knight called Revan away from the Council and The Order and eventually get involved in the war. Eventually Revan is given control of the Republics Army and under his command, helped the Republic win the war against the Mandalorians. Not long after, Revan and his and close friend Alek would go travelling beyond what is known in the Galaxy. On their travels, they would discover something that they thought the Jedi had destroyed long ago; The Sith Empire. The Emperor was more than a match for the two Jedi and defeated them easily, instead of twisting them. A weapon built for the Sith Empire called ‘Star Forge’ was trusted unto Revan’s command in which he uses to almost crush the republic. Eventually a group of Jedi is sent to capute the two, capturing Revan but Alek aka Darth Malak betrays him and escapes, presuming Revan dead. The Jedi wipe Revan’s mind and he leads the charge against Malak whose war against the Republic has come to a crawl, while fighting back, Revan regains some of his memories and kills Malak in combat and destroy the Star Forge. Still unable to regain his memories, Revan is haunted by visions of a dark world and leaves to seek it out.

Darth Vader

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Even though we had a trilogy of films focusing on his origin, they didn’t do him any justice whatsoever compared to the force (haha) of nature he was in the originals and that glorious cameo he had in Rogue One. This film would focus on him in the events between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and he would be about him coming to terms with what he has become. Going on missions for the Emperor to kill the remaining Jedi who escaped the purge to prove his loyalty would surely make for emotional viewing. A scene in which he is sent to destroy his old mentor; Obi-Wan would have an emotional punch to it where he is yet again beaten and is then subject to punishment by the Emperor before he fully succumbs to the dark side.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, if you have any ideas of your own give us a tweet! Until next time.