Geek in a Week: Week 8, Part 2 (Flash Special)

Hi there and welcome back to Geek in a Week, this is your fellow correspondent Jac with this week’s news! It’s time for my list of the top 10 Flash villains i’d like to see, this week with the bottom 5. So far this season looks like it will be the best, with the brand new villain; The Thinker as well as new characters never seen on TV, including The Mechanic, Hazard, The Breacher & Blacksmith!  Hopefully we’ll get some more characters confirmed soon after Crisis on Earth-X.

As always this list is devised from what I think is most likely to come true and is completely my personal opinion given the direction of the show. Be warned there maybe some spoilers ahead! So without further ado let’s hit the road and run like the fastest man alive!


10. The Fiddler


The first character is definitely the most obscure on this list, but here me out anyway. Isaac Bowin was the son of a British Aristocrat, and decided to pursue crime to fund his travels abroad. After being locked in an Indian prison, it was there he discovered the power to hypnotise using sound manipulation. Later developing a violin to create deadly hypnotic sound waves, he escaped prison and went on a crime spree. The Fiddler was originally a golden-age Flash villain, fighting Jay Garrick in Keystone City not Central City. We’ve seen a few golden-aged heroes before but none have really fought Jay Garrick in the series, plus re imagining The Fiddler like the Pied Piper would suit the series more, giving him a high-tech violin that can hypnotise or harm. Let’s just hope that if he does appear, he leaves his fiddle car behind in the comics.


9. Papercut


The newest character on this list to debut in the comics, Benedict Booker is a meta-human from the new Rebirth series, and can control wood and other wood based products such as paper. A master at origami, he can also create razor-sharp paper weapons. Not much is known about Papercut as he only debuted in comics last year, he was stopped by the Flash & Kid-Flash and sent to Iron Heights. He tried to become the new criminal mastermind of Central City, but was beaten for his troubles by Captain Cold. Papercut would be the first new character to appear in the show, and his unique powers would be interesting to see on TV.


8. Spin


Mr Auerbach aka Spin is surprisingly not a Meta-Human, but he holds a meta captive to create public fear and anxiety, and spins it how he wants. Once a journalist and son of a TV network owner, Auerbach found Edwar Martinez, a Meta-Human who can manifest people’s fears into reality. Edwar was captured by Auerbach and left him in the TV Station’s basement and became the criminal known as Spin. Spin would use Edwar to create floods, earthquakes etc while he would steal priceless jewels and trinkets. Eventually he turned the citizens of Central City against the Flash, including Jay Garrick and Wally West. Eventually the Flash figured out what was going on as the station that Auerbach reported for was always first on the scene and freed Edwar, causing Spin to lose control. We’ve seen other mesmerising characters appear, like the Top and Discord in Season 5 of Arrow, plus a chance for Iris to go back to reporting as that is what she was best at in the series back when it began. Plus it would give her a chance to bloom and develop her just a bit more, and show us truly what she’s passionate about (other than Barry).


7. Rag Doll

Rag Doll

Peter Merkel, Jr was a contortionist that was born with with triple-jointedness; giving him the ability to bend and flex his limbs in anyway he wants. Previously working with a circus until it went bankrupt, Merkel then turned to crime where his triple-jointedness was used to steal. He disguised himself as a Rag Doll which is how he earned his nickname. Appearing in the modern age and golden ages of comics, Rag Doll has fought both the Flash and Batgirl as well as becoming a founding member of the super villain group; The Secret Society. Ragdoll’s evolution in the comics has changed from being quirky to downright disturbing, which is something the Flash lacks at times. Being known out of the 4 CW shows as the “lighthearted, fun one and even being referenced this the show, it would be great to see some none super-powered foes that are dangerous because of their actions rather than powers. After failing to use the villain Murmur (which appeared on Arrow) this dark doll of demise would be incredibly hard to hit and incredibly creepy to watch.

6. Fallout

Fallout (1)

Finally, the last meta on this list is the sad story of Neil Borman, an average worker turned into the radioactive reckoner named Fallout. Borman was working on a nuclear power plant when an explosion caused Borman and his co-workers to fall into the reactor’s cooling system. All of the co-workers died but Borman somehow survived as his body’s molecular structure was now composed of high-energy electrons. His body was now extremely radioactive which he discovered after a single touch accidentally killed his wife an child. He was then imprisoned in Iron Heights, where he as used to power the entire prison complex, being hooked up to a nuclear container and attached to tubes. After an encounter with the Flash, he was then freed from his prison for the inhumane treatment of Borman. What the Flash TV series does well is storytelling, which is especially prominent with characters like Plastique, Blackout and Pied Piper, showing us the motives for their actions and makes us feel genuine sympathy. Plus bringing in Fallout would give us an opportunity to see General Wade Eiling again, as his motives and hate for Meta-Humans would lend itself perfectly to this character. In recent series, most guest villains/characters have been killed off in a single episode which doesn’t give us a chance to connect with them. Hopefully that will change though in season 4 as it is reported that a few previous characters (Captain Cold, Peek-A-Boo) will return this season.

So that’s 5 down, 5 to go! Did your favourite Flash character make the list? if not come back on Monday to find out! That’s all to report for now, but don’t worry as all your favourite superhero shows return next week, and i’ll review all the premieres and inform you all of what’s to come! And soon enough we’ll be back to be back with your regular updates, as well as all the geeky gossip and nerdy news.

Until then this is Jac, signing out.