Bathbomb: PrettySuds- The Alchemist


Its been a while since I actually had time to have a bath and relax. Meaning it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to appreciate a product and review it for you guys!

Halloween is coming and I cannot be more excited for everything autumnal as well as all the content the team have for this holiday/season!

Pumpkin spice everything aside, the one thing that really sparks my interest this time of year are the spooky bathbomb ranges! In fact, I have a lowdown of my top picks for you here!

From that list there was two from Prettysuds and this is the first I wanted to try! A skull shaped bathbomb yaaaaas!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 14.57.39.png

You can imagine my excitement when Prettysuds dropped their range announcement because this looks beautiful!….online.

By no means is this a ranting post, but I was flooded with disappointment when my “The Alchemist” bathbomb arrived in the post last week, broken, crumbly and really not photo ready!


Broken hearted aside, this bathbomb didn’t really do much smellwise when it came out of its packet so I was really starting to be super disappointed! Especially when this skull cost more than the average Prettysuds bathbomb (in fairness, it is a bit bigger? So they’re excused!) retailing in at £3.95.

Until, I did what bathbombs are intended for and dropped it like it’s hot… straight into the bathtub. When a gust of fragrance and colour exploded from the skull! All my disappointment had gone, just look at the colours filling the bath! From pastel blues to that all so familiar blue raspberry/bubblegum blue I love. If only I could capture some of the smells from the bathbomb!


So what do you think? Is my crumbly disaster worth the end result? If yes get your mits on The Alchemist here! And let me know what you think!