6 Good Things About Writing

I started writing for this blog for various reasons, which I slightly touched on in my bio. However, I find I have learned a lot more by writing for this. I just wanted to share the good things you can gain from writing, even if it’s not for a blog and just for yourself.

You get your mind going
When you are writing your mind wonders in several directions of what you want to write about, whether it be whilst your shopping or watching a movie, your mind will always think. So in turn, you bring out your creative side and focus on details more too.

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You start researching more
Writing, especially for a blog, requires a lot of research. Therefore, when you write you start looking things up more and so you even educate yourself a lot more too.

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You improve your vocabulary
When you write you try to get things to flow more and be more interesting to read, and so your vocabulary will slowly improve. This will help you both in your writing as well as in person, could even help you in things such as interviews.

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You find yourself
When you write, you are yourself. You will notice things about yourself when you write, whether this be through the topics you choose or the way you write, you will notice the type of person you are the the type of things you are into and so you will try explore those more.

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You give yourself tips 
When I write, especially the posts about tips, I find myself remembering those tips to use myself. I think when we go through our daily lives we sometimes forget to do the things we know and advice others to do. So, when I write it down, I find myself motivate to follow them too.

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It’s a release
Sometimes I find myself with pent up emotions or that I’m thinking too much and I just want to get it out or forget about it. Writing helps me to do just that, I put all my energy into writing and slowly I am relaxed and no longer stressed out.

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