5 things I love about my OnePlus 5

So if you’ll remember, I posted an article a few weeks ago on how my old phone was dying and I needed a new phone. This week I finally got my new phone in the form of the One Plus 5 from the company One Plus. Having never owned a One Plus before I was a little hesitant but a good friend vouched for it and after looking at various reviews online his vouch was well backed and I decided it was time to take the plunge away from Google and into the hands of One Plus. Oh boy, I don’t regret that decision.

Before I get into my 5 loves about the One Plus 5, I’ll give you a quick tear down on the phone. The One Plus 5 boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 6gb or 8gb of Memory, 64 or 128gb of Storage, a dual 16mp camera on the back and a 16mp face camera. The phone also comes with a AMOLED 5.5 inch touchscreen with a Resolution of 1080 by 1920 and finally the phone comes running Android 7.1.1 under One Plus’ own Oxygen OS. I myself bought the 6gb/64gb option.

Now that I’ve covered the basics of this phone let’s get into it!

5 – The Display

One of my biggest worries when getting this phone was infact the display, the Nexus 6p I’ve had for 2 years boasted a 1440p display and perfromance was never an issue on that phone (battery life and charger port being the big issue) and so this was my main hesitation as games, apps and videos on the Nexus 6p looked gorgeous. My worries however faded as soon as I saw the home screen, this phones screen is beautiful, I can’t put my finger on what’s better on this phone but the display and the colours just jump out at me far more than they did on my 6p. The screen on the One Plus 5 is fantastic and definitely a good reason to buy this phone.


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4 – The Back Camera

Similar to my point about the display I was also a little worried about the camera. The Camera on my 6p boasted perhaps the best image quality I’d ever used in a camera and that largely hasn’t changed, however the camera on the One Plus 5 is still nothing to be messed with. Whilst it doesn’t have the laser autofocus that the 6p boasted and was the reason that the phone was such a drawin for me when I bought it those years ago the camera’s on the One Plus 5 more than do their job. The only camera that infact causes me any issue is the 2X camera on the One Plus 5 dual camera set up as images taken with this camera end up blurry. However I’m more than happy to continue to use the rather good 1X camera and the lovely selfie camera on the One Plus 5.

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3 – Dash Charging

Oh boy, having my phone charged from 1% to 100% within about an hour most of the time is something that will continue to be convienient on a day to day basis, Dash charging is incredibly fast and the battery drain is so good on this phone that one hours charge has often lasted me around 24 hours, but I’ll get into that in a minute. The charge on this phone’s dash charging is pretty darn snazzy.


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2 – Oxygen OS

This was a very scary jump for me, moving from stock android to Oxygen OS left me gasping for air when I thought about it, but I took the jump and it was a breath of fresh air when I loaded the Operating system up, it’s… Android, just as I know and love it but with all those nifty features I’ve wanted available to me. I can set my phone to turn itself on and off at set times and do other awesome things like pick how specific buttons work, what they do and add loads of customisation in other places that you just don’t see on stock Andorid, even the recent launcher change which had loads of people up in arms on the comunity was something I really enjoyed, the look and feel just spoke to me and makes me very pleased when I open folders. As soon as the OS updates to Android 8 I’ll be even happier. Definitely a winner.


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1 – The Battery

You know my history if you read my post on my Nexus 6p, my biggest fear with buying a new phone was to have more battery life issues and to have a phone that often will barely last the day. One Plus 5 saw my problems and came in like a guardian angel because you know what? The battery is pretty dang sweet. Lasting me on average between 14 and 24 hours depending on my usage so far, this phone has been a god send. When I’m not using it my battery barely moves, I haven’t even had to turn on battery saver once yet because even when it hits 15% I can still get at least another hour out of it. Obviously the phone’s battery is going to subside with age and I’m sure the 24 hours I have gotten today will be but a faded memory but at the moment, this phones battery is charging my soul.


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