Geek in a Week: Week 8, Part 1 (Supergirl Special)

Hi there and welcome back to Geek in a Week, this is your fellow correspondent Jac with this week’s news! It’s time for my second part of the top 10 characters that I think should appear on Supergirl. This time i’m looking at the top 5 that should absolutely appear, and wouldn’t be surprised if we saw these guys down the road. As always this list is devised from what I think is most likely to come true and is completely my personal opinion given the direction of the show. Be warned there maybe some spoilers ahead! So without further ado let’s take to the skies and go up, up and away!


5. Conduit


A lesser known but definitely a worthy villain, Kenny Braverman was a friend turned foe of a young Clark Kent back in his Smallville days. Eventually turning jealous of Clark’s popularity and accomplishments, he eventually volunteered to become a test subject for the CIA. Given a power suit to enhance his abilities, including a Kryptonite rifle. He was ordered to be terminated in fear that he would later turn on the CIA, but resisted and focused on getting revenge on Clark/Superman once and for all. Swap the CIA and D.E.O. and Conduit can easily fit into the series. After the Daxomite invasion last year and the terror of Reign that’s soon to come, it seems logical for the D.E.O. to start creating their own defences against extraterrestrial attackers. Even the Clark rivalry can be kept or altered; either Kenny can wish to become more like his favourite hero or he could become jealous of Kara as the show is about her and her journey. Interestingly he made a blink and you’ll miss him cameo in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, where Kenny was one of the school children Clark saved on the bus.


4. Lobo


If the series ever wanted to break the forth wall and go a little extreme thanks to the success Deadpool, then it would be great to finally see this fan favourite DC character in real life! Lobo is a Bounter Hunter that follows his own rules, and even killed his entire species just for the heck of it! He’s able to replicate and partially regenerate if he’s shot or injured and was hired at one point to take out the Justice League, all for the right price of course! It is said that he can only be killed by another of his species, and it has even been said he is banned from Heaven and Hell. With such a rich and long backstory that has been altered and re-written, the should could easily write in this amazing character to prove he’s stronger than Supergirl or even Superman! There are a lot of alien foes that Supergirl has encountered so who knows if any of them want to hire Lobo to take care of her once and for all! Plus if they can easily break the 4th wall as a part of Mister Mxyzptlk’s magic, which would be great to see agaim! Maybe then we could get a cameo from Ambush Bug as a reporter?


3. Atomic Skull

Atomic Skull

Considered to be the only one of Superman’s recurring rogues that haven’t appeared in the series as of yet, there have been 2 incarnations of the villains Atomic Skull. The first was Albert Michaels who was a scientist at S.T.A.R. labs (Crossover anyone?) who wanted nothing more to become immortal. He inserted a radium chip inside his own brain to improve his brain functions, which led to him being able to blast radioactive energy at will. The second Atomic Skull was Joseph Martin, who was a college student in Metropolis that was caught in an explosion of a Gene Bomb caused by… The Dominators! His skin was turned transparent, revealing his skull and bones inside is body. After attempting to stop a group of thugs, he became confused and thought he was the hero of his favourite film; The Atomic Skull and tried to take down his greatest villain, The Man of Steel. Both characters could easily fit into the Supergirl universe (personally I prefer the second one as of the Dominators connection) but who says we can’t have both? We’ve had 2 Toyman’s (Ish), 2 Metallo’s so why not both?


2. Mongul


Mongul is an absolute classic that deserves to be a main villain of the series or even a future crossover, but even a cameo this season would be appreciated! Mongul is known as the conqueror of the cosmos and ruler of Warworld, a large planet-like satellite that housed an alien gladiator like coleseum, where prisoners fought for survival for Mongul and his family’s amusements. Mongul was known and feared throughout the galaxy, having conquered many planets, eventually setting his eyes upon Earth, but was defeated by it’s heroes. We’ve only had a possible Easter Egg to Mongul so far; In the season 2 episode “Survivors” we meet the alien fighter Draaga as a part of Roulette’s fight club. In the comics, Draaga is an alien gladiator encountered by Superman on Warworld where he was spared by Superman. Could this connection be something more and hint towards Mongul in a later season? Mon-El told Kara he’s seen Draaga on Warworld and has had a history of battling against the Daxomites so maybe Warworld will make an appearance yet…


And my number one pick to appear in Supergirl is…..



  1. Lex Luthor

Are you surprised? Superman’s greatest enemy is bound to make appearance at some point or another. I don’t even need to tell you the history of Lex as he’s the most famous superman villain of all time! Although it may be difficult, it wouldn’t be impossible as many of Superman’s larger villains have appeared already, like General Zod and Non. Plus an average portrayal of him in Batman vs Superman has left fans question if he’ll ever return to the DCEU. Supergirl has dropped plenty of hints that Lex may turn up; that he’s already fought Superman and has been in prison since season 1 and we’ve known a lot more about his personal backstory with the introduction of his mother and sister Lena in season 2. Plus in the episode “Luthors” we finally see a glimpse of Lex’s famous Kryptonite Warsuit and a cameo of Lex as a child. We even see a glimpse of his father, Lionel Luthor played by Ian Butcher, who would be perfect to play an older version of the Lex we know today. To my knowledge, we’ve never seen a live action version of Lex to war the warsuit, only in animated series and video games, so that could be a first that the show could make! Even if we have a small cameo, a flashback, or even a one off episode, a Lex cameo would be greatly appreciated (Warsuit or not) but may be slim due to him being a Superman’s greatest villain, and something that the show wants is to be unique and diverge slightly from all the attention on Superman and his many foes.


So that’s it, were these the villains you were expecting? Maybe you were hoping for Doomsday or Brainiac? (believe me I do too) let us know who your favourite Superman foes are and who you’re hoping to see in the series! Be sure to check out Supergirl on October 9th!


That’s all to report for now, but come back on Friday as i’ll be making another list (sorry!) for the Flash this time as i’ll be looking at the meta-humans that are due to make their debut and the characters we already know that are confirmed. My aim is to do a list for Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow too before their premieres as well. Soon you’ll be back at home with your regular updates, as well as all the geeky gossip and nerdy news.

Until then this is Jac, signing out.