This makeup look is bringing back some noughties nostalgia

Oh the ’00s, where I watched Pokemon before school and Tamagotchi’s, Barbie dolls and Action Man figures were all the rage. Those were the good old days when we didn’t have technology every day and we played outside until the lampposts switched on which meant it’s time to head back home! (Nooo; this probably makes me sound so old!)

So with these childhood memories slowly rushing back to you, I have recently come across a makeup trend that features the look of another popular doll franchise that even I admit to owning!

They are like the cooler version of Barbie and have pretty funky hair. Do you know what I’m talking out? If not then I can reveal that it’s the Bratz look that is now a thing! That’s right, the brightly coloured eyeshadow wearing, big pouty lip looking plastic girls have been recreated in real life and it doesn’t look half bad!

It all started when Natalie posted a tweet with her take of her makeup look inspired by Chloe from Bratz with the caption: “When you’re finally the Bratz doll your 7 year old self always aspired to be”. And girl did she slay the look!

I used to love Bratz dolls when I was growing up, there was the main girl squad; Chloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha (Jade was my favourite!) and they actually inspired some of my (horrible) fashion choices when I was younger as they were definitely the cooler and sassier sisters to Barbie.

I’m feeling very nostalgic now that they have returned for this new makeup trend on Instagram. I haven’t tried it myself but I might give it a good try as they were a big part of my childhood and I’ve always wanted to be like Jade when I was growing up! If this happens I will keep you updated with a picture of the look but be warned I’m not the best at makeup!

Here are some more looks inspired by these dolls:

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I had to 💁🏼 #bratz #bratzmakeup

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So what do you guys think? Should these looks continue or should they be left for the Bratz girls and them alone? If you have tried the trend I would love to see it and if there are any other suggestions of trends to talk about I’ll be happy to do a post on it.

See you in the next one!

Stephanie ^^