Have you ever… seen Event Horizon?


Event 2


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Event Horizon holds the very prestigious place in my heart – of being the film that I think of almost automatically if I need to recall a great lesser known film. Whether it is actually lesser known or not, I’m not sure but it has definitely gathered a sizable cult following since its release.

I’ll give a little disclaimer now: it is a horror film so viewer discretion is advised before blindly putting it on while grandma is over.

The film begins with a few title cards setting the scene and filling in the history. The two of note are:

“2040: Deep space research vessel ‘Event Horizon’ launched to explore boundaries of Solar System. She disappears without trace beyond the eighth planet, Neptune. It is the worst space disaster on record.”

“2047: Now…”

Event 1

The long missing ship mysteriously appears orbiting Neptune and broadcasting a distress signal.  A rescue vessel is dispatched to investigate, helmed by Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne) and accompanied by the designer of the Event Horizon; Dr Weir played by Sam Neill. Upon arriving at the Event Horizon the crew finds what can only be described as a massacre with the crew’s remaining body parts scattered all around the ship. Shortly after arriving there, the ship’s gravity drive automatically starts and sucks in one of the rescue team. I won’t continue for fear of just writing the entire plot and saving anyone the joy of finding out for themselves what happens.

Event Horizon was one of the horror films that I watched very young with my dad (I think perhaps he didn’t realise what it was) and it proceeded to absolutely terrify me and still does to this day.  What made it more scarring to me was that Sam Neill was in another of my favourite films at the time: Jurassic Park. The two films could not be more different. The scene which I believe marks the turning point from average horror flick to spine tingling space horror epic is when Dr Weir crawls into the service ducts to repair the mainframe.

The film makes great use of practical effects, very reminiscent of older 80s horror films but it makes the film feel so much more real as it’s very clear that the danger is in the room with you. The imagery is so horrifying that it’s been incredibly difficult trying to pick appropriate photos to use for this post and so will have to settle for photos of the beginning portion.

This is the kind of film that must be watched at least once. You would be doing an extreme disservice to yourself even if you watch it once and vow never to again.

Good. Now that’s out of the way I can focus on light-hearted martial arts films.



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