Geek in a Week: Week 7, Part 2 (Supergirl Special)

Hi there and welcome back to Geek in a Week, this is your fellow correspondent Jac with this week’s Geek in a Week! Today’s post as promised will be part 1 of the top 10 characters that I think should appear on Supergirl this season or in the future. This list is categorised as characters that I think would be fun if we saw them appear, but not urgently. So without further ado let’s take to the skies and go up, up and away!

This list is devised from what I think is most likely to come true and is completely my personal opinion given the direction of the show and be warned there maybe some spoilers ahead;

This Week’s Headline News: Saturn Girl is cast in Season 3 of Supergirl


Amy Jackson (i, Thera, Singh is Bliing) has been cast as a well known member of the Legion of Super-Heroes; Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl will be a recurring character this season and will finally open up for form the teases that the show has kept going about the Legion of Super-Heroes ring.

Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen, born on Saturn’s moon Titan was born with telepathic powers from a young age. She travelled to Earth and trained as a Science Police Officer, but eventually joined heroes Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy. Inspired by Superboy, the teens formed the Legion to combat evil throughout space. The Legion’s ring has been seen throughout Supergirl and glimpsed briefly in the Flash, which fans have speculated that the Legion will be formed through some crossover event. Will Saturn Girl be the key to seeing other heroes like Lightning Lad or Cosmic Boy? I guess we’ll find out when Supergirl returns on October 9th, 2017!


10. Demolitia


Marita Chavez aka Demolitia is a vigilante living in Metropolis that uses advanced weapons and technology. Caught in an explosion caused by Lex Luthor, Demolitia was found beneath a building by a group of thugs, and was eventually tortured and abused. She then then decided to take on any captor or any abuser. We’ve seen badass woman in Supergirl before and Demolitia should continue that trend, and a vigilante type characetr would compliment Supergirl’s justice and honour. Interestingly her weapons are similar to Bloodsport’s, who is appearing in Season 3 and if he is a recurring character, then a team up in the future between these two would spell disaster.


9. Malefic


Although he isn’t a villain of Superman or Supergirl, Malefic can be brought into the show to terrorise one hero: Martian Manhunter. Ma’alefa’ak is the twin brother of J’onn J’onnz, and violated the most important rule of the Assembly of Minds on Mars. This crime was called “Mind Rape” and was classed insane and has all his memories and telepathic powers wiped from his brain. This punishment drove Malefic to hate his Martian brothers, even if he couldn’t remember the reason for it. Believing himself now immune to fire (the greatest martian weakness) he branded himself as a freak, he created a plague on Mars, which would allow a Martian to burst into flames if they used their powers. With M’yrnn J’onzz cast this season, the father of the Martian Manhuner, this opens the door to possible family dilemmas that will evolve John’s character arc. Plus in my opinions, Malefic could be a greater foe to him than the White Martians due to their family ties.


8. Bruno Mannheim


A classic superman foe, Bruno “ugly” Mannheim is the leader of the crime group known as Intergang. This led to him joining a cult of crime located in Metropolis, where they would preach the words of the crime bible. Bruno would then devote himself to the crime bible by committing mass murder and even cannibalism as rituals. He has connections with villains such as Darkseid and Brainiac, giving him power and weapons beyond this world. Bruno Mannheim has appeared in so many different versions over the years including the Animated Series and Smallville as well. A dark and dangerous foe, Bruno could become Supergirl’s version of Damien Darhk/Carmine Falcone. Mannheim would work as minor villain or a main one, plus could easily destroy Supergirl by either attacking or killing one of Kara’s close circle of friends, creating real drama for the series.

7. Prankster


Okays so we may have similar villains, such as Joker, Trickster and Toyman, but Prankster could be differently to spice things up a bit. Prankster (real name Oswald Loomis) used to be an owner of a joke shop and played mischievous but harmful pranks on Superman, but the New 52 showed us a newer version. Prankster is a now a brilliant, intelligent cyber-criminal. Known for hacking into government websites and firewalls, as well as creating complex traps that he calls “Pranks”. Taking inspirations from real life, this Prankster could be inspired from fake prank videos online, but much more sinister. He has kidnapped Morgan Edge in the comics as well, who will appear this Season too. A minor but well known Superman villain can be easily adapted to fight our beloved Kara Danvers, plus a foe who could potentially break into and shut down the D.E.O. could cause a major distraction with larger threats such as Reign causing destruction in National City.


6. Manchester Black


The final villain to appear on this list, UK born Manchester Black is another crime gang related foe. He was born into an abusive family, he used this power to lead the violent gang “The Elite” to truly take on villainy and evil, but at any cost without morals. In the series, Manchester could not only face Supergirl but also Guardian as well, targeting heroes as well as the villains due to is beliefs. Cunning, quick and down right brutal, Manchester can provide the perfect dilemma to Supergirl as he is human foe, who can make her rethink her actions whether she should kill her most dangerous foes to save the innocent. Having appearing in different animated series but never in live action, who else thinks that Manchester Black is due his awaited long term live action debut?



That’s all to report for now, but come back on Monday for part 2 of this list, as i’ll look at the top 5 villains that should definitely appear this season or in future seasons. We’ll be back soon with your regular weekly news, as well as all the geeky gossip and nerdy news.

Until then this is Jac, signing out.