Music News 28/09/17

Lately, it seems getting singers to work on TV projects is becoming more of a common thing. Gathering a fan base from the get-go is a bonus and that’s the benefit of having a singer working on a project, for example, Selena Gomez working on ’13 Reasons Why’.

So this week we are focusing on;
– Rita Ora to host MVT’s EMA 2017
– Megan Trainor working on ABC drama show
– Demi Lovato to release tell-all documentary

Rita Ora to host MTV’s EMA London


The British singer and actress Rita Ora is to host MTV’s Europian Music Awards, the EMA’s which will be coming to London for the first time in 20 years! Ed Sheeran last hosted in 2015 and last year the awards were hosted by Bebe Rexha. The EMA’s will air on November 12th, 2017 and more announcements will be coming as to who will be joining Rita this year.  Being a musician myself, I am certainly excited to see who will be there and the nominees for this year.

Megan Trainor to work on ABA Drama

Known for ‘All About That Bass’ and ‘Dear Future Husband’ Megan Trainor is an American Pop singer and at the age of 23 has already accomplished a lot. She is now adding to her long list by writing for ABC’s new drama ‘Broken Record’.


The show revolves around ‘The Candies’ the girl group who after 9 years of separation are forced to reunite for an encore after a tragic event brings them together. The show will act as a replacement for Nashville which was surprisingly cancelled after 4 seasons. This has promising look and I’m excited to see more in the future.

Demi Lovato Documentary


To follow up her 2015’s Confident, Demi Lovato will be releasing a YouTube exclusive documentary called ‘Simply Complicated’ it will show the struggles of Alcohol and her eating disorder. She wanted a service that brought her story straight to her fans. She said that although it wasn’t easy to let cameras into her life as it made her feel vulnerable, once she got passed this it was easy as it was like they weren’t even there. Demi’s documentary will be released October 17th.


Demi Lovato spent a year and a half on her new Album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ which will be released tomorrow 29th September. Demi herself has said that fans will be surprised at how R&B it is.

New album releases to look out for;

– The Darkness – Pinewood Smile – October 6th
Liam Gallagher – As You Were – October 6th
– Marllyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down – October 6th

So remember to keep listening for more EMA announcements and if you’re a Lovatic then your definitely going to want to keep the dates 29th September and October 17th marked in your calendars. As always if you’re liking what you’re reading then let us know via Twitter, Facebook etc! 

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