AHS: Season 7 – Cult: What we know so far!

Before you read on, there’s a few things you should know. 1, I’ve not yet watched Episode 4 of the season (I’m watching on NowTV.) 2, I’m not all too clued up on any theories or anything as of yet! (Maybe I could write a few up for next week!) and 3, I. Am. Terrified. Of. Clowns. (and pretty much everything else!) oh, and naturally there will probably be a tonne of unintentional spoilers in here! Brace Yo Self!

If you’ve not caught up to date yet Sammeh, why are you writing this now? Well, in case you all haven’t seen, season 6 of American Horror story has been released onto Netflix. Oh, and for those of you that may be reading this for something to do and haven’t actually watched AHS yet… get your boots on son, and I give you the low down on which ones you should watch and why in an upcoming post!

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Back to Season 7

Anyone familiar with AHS, knows that the same actors appear in mostly every season, in completely unrelated roles (mostly) than the season before… Pretty sick concept if you ask me, with some interlinking character roles. So let’s explore these cultivating characters… (pun most definitely intended).


From my perspective, there are two lead characters within this series, Allyson “Ally” Mayfair-Richards, played by AHS fave Sarah Paulson, a woman triggered by the election of Donald Trump. A woman who’s haunted by her fears, which is pretty much everything apparently, in particular clowns. Clowns are a big part of this season so far and they seem to be everywhere at the moment, with the release of the IT movie. Lucky me, eh? Ally seems to be targeted by a cult of clowns in this season, and the story seems to focus a lot more on her than the other characters this season. She also seems to have run-ins with Kai quite a lot too… is there a link here? We shall see!


For me, the other lead in this season is Evan Peter’s Kai Anderson. Not to have favourites but I really enjoy Evan Peter’s portrayal this season, I really think his acting suits the role well and he pulls it off. Kai is a bit of a sketchy character and I’m not entirely sure how to pin him down in a couple of characters. With what I’m about to tell you about Kai, please don’t think I agree with his character views, he’s a very racist, facist antagonist and whilst I enjoy Evan Peter’s acting, I don’t see likeness of myself in the character. This character shows similarities to the Joker, which is another particular favourite character of mine, writing this makes me realise how strange that actually is starting to sound putting it into words…



Something I didn’t mention, Ally is a lesbian. Ivy Mayfair-Richards is her wife. Alison Pill does a good job playing Ivy, who met Ally after 9/11 and helped her cope with her fears and helped her control them. Ivy is a chef in the restaurant that the couple own, they have a son together called Oz and that’s pretty much all we know about her for now… oh and that she never seems to be around when the clowns appear… suspicious?


Anyone here watch the AHS spin off Scream Queens? If you haven’t, give it a watch, it’s pretty good. For those who have, remember Chanel #3? Billie Lourd has joined this season of AHS and she’s a little odd in her character Winter Anderson… Yup Anderson. This scream queen is Kai’s sister…. dun dun duuuun. She’s also Oz’ nanny. Winter is very porcelain doll looking, she has long silver hair and wears a lot of dresses with white collared shirts underneath. Oh yeah she’s also extremely morbid and loves all things gore and blood thirsty. One more thing… she has pedophobia… yup, the fear of children… she’s a nanny… what?@!

So that’s really the core four, there are other characters mingled in-between them but we’ll stick with those for now.


So to get your teeth into some of the thrill, here’s the trailer for Season 7! – Trust me you do not want to wait for this one to hit Netflix next year.

What’s the story? 

If this is your first season of American Horror Story, prepare yourself to be hit with a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts, theories, sleepless nights and seriously WTF moments. It’s never a straight story with this series, there are always twists and questioning moments with AHS. So, really I can’t give you every detail with this but I can tell you what I do know, or at least, what I think I know… (I’m currently re-watching the first three episodes to get a bit more from what I’ve already seen, like I said before, I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to scary things, so I mostly watch this with one eye open the first time around).

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As far as I can see, this season plays on the idea of phobias and as we progress through the weeks we’ll unlock a lot of character development plot lines, very AHS style I guess. But this season, which I’m REALLY enjoying, looks at the idea of a potential clown cult? or is that all in the minds of the characters? We really don’t know. Or do we? We’ll be writing up our weekly analysis of each episode! We recommend you watch with us!