Who We Want To See In IT 2

For those of you who have seen instant classic IT, the ending of the movie left the doors wide open for a sequel, as it did in the original TV movie in 1990. Just like Stephen King’s infamous novel, the losers club ‘defeated’ Pennywise the dancing clown and vowed to defeat him again should he ever return to Derry.

In the book and the original movie, Pennywise of course does return 27 years later to feast on some more children, so there’s a good chance we’ll see Bill Skarsgaard returning as the clown in the future. However there’s little chance we’ll see the likes of Finn Wolfhard and Sophia Lillis in the sequel, as the losers club will be returning as adults, and here are the people I think should be cast.


Zachary Quinto as Bill Denbrough

Source: Fox

The key to this list is not only selecting well known actors, but also those capable of performing in horror movies and taking a backseat to said horror. Zachary Quinto proved in American Horror Story he was capable of just that. He played a scared victim in season one, and then a pyscho murderer (Spoiler, sorry) in season two. He can comfortably replicate the likability of Bill, and should be able to execute his stutter which Jaeden Lieberher mastered in this year’s film. Quinto is also a native of Penssylvania, like Lieberher, which also helps.

Seth Rogen as Richie Tozer

Source: IndieWire

Remember what I said about competent and experienced horror actors being needed for these roles? Forget about it, I genuinely believe Seth Rogen should be Richie Tozer. Rogen’s friends have found themselves in serious roles over the last few years, Jonah Hill is in Oscar nominated films, James Franco continues to quietly produce dramatic performances whilst even Danny McBride was in the Alien reboot, and now it’s Seth’s turn. Everyone’s favourite stoner will have a chance to show off his comedic talent still, as Finn Wolfhard turned Richie Tozer into one of the funniest horror characters of the decade, and Tozer’s future job after he leaves Derry would suit Rogen to a tee. He already has the wit, Seth Rogen just needs to bring his best acting skills to play Richie Tozer.

Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh

Source: USA Today

No explanation needed tbh.

David Harbour as Ben Hanscom

Source: Netflix

If we can’t have Finn Wolfhard in this film, we might aswell have one of the other great actors from Stranger Things. Grown up Ben Hanscom has lost his fat and is highly successful yet always has ‘It’ looming ove him. David Harbour proved in Stranger Things that he can play a confident and even cocky man whilst still showing inner turmoil, and I think he’d excell as Hanscom. Harbour is already set to star in the Hellboy reboot, and director Andy Muscietti would be wise to get him on board before his stock rises too high.

Lennie James as Mike Hanlon

Source: AMC

AKA Morgan from The Walking Dead. If Mike Hanlon’s fate is to be the same in this sequal as it is in the original 1990 sequal, then Lennie James would suit this role. Even if it isn’t, he’d still suit this role as he’s a great actor. James’ performance in that sniping scene in The Walking Dead pilot is one that has stayed with audiences for years and if he’s cast as Mike Hanlon, he has every chance of leaving a similar mark. He can go from deranged and broken, to calmness personified in an instant, and you just know he’ll need that in this dark sequel.


James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak

Source: Alliance Films

Of those selected, James Ransone is possibly the actor who bears the most resemblance to their younger counterparts, even more so than Jessica Chastain. Ransone is not too intimidating or remarkable, and if his character follows a similar path to his book journey, then intimidation will be the last thing he needs. However, he is capable of being a valued member of a horror cast and providing a believable challenge to Pennywise, as shown by his performance in the Sinister franchise (Yep they somehow made a sequel to the first one)

Ben Heller as Stanley Uris

Source: IMDB

You’ll be forgiven for not knowing who Ben Heller is, given that he only has one acting credit to his name. However his one acting job was as young Stanley Uris in the original It 27 years ago. Without giving in too much away, Uris will most likely not have a lot of screen time in the upcoming sequel so why not pay homage to the original and make Ben Heller one of the most intriguing trivia subjects in Cinema.

So there’s my suggestions for the cast of the It sequel, why not send yours to our social media channels, and in the meantime, watch Tim Curry as the original Pennywise returning to Derry to torment a grown up Richie Tozer