What’s Your Favourite Fairytale?

So, what is it? Because I can tell you that mine is definitely Alice in Wonderland.

I would say this fairytale is my favourite because the story covers a lot of basis within society; the uniqueness of each individual person, different types of mental health issues, tyranny, and how everyone has their own ‘wonderland’. You can learn so much from this story, and I think that’s incredible. As well as all that boring stuff, it is also quite a fun read for me! I have always been the sort of reader that likes a bit craziness as I believe everyone should have a slight ‘crazy’ and ‘weird’ part of them.

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For those of you that haven’t read it, firstly; what is wrong with you? (I joke by the way) and secondly, READ IT! Or if you want to take the easy route, watch the movies! You will not regret it. Here’s a brief overview for you anyway. The original Alice in Wonderland is a beautifully written story about a girl that becomes fascinated by a white rabbit with a fob watch, whom she then follows into a rabbit hole and discovers Wonderland. A series of events occur once she enters Wonderland where she comes across several individuals, in particularly the Mad Hatter at a ‘mad tea party’.  Eventually she comes across the Queen of Hearts, whom she finds is off her head as she wants everyone beheaded at the slightest mistake. Eventually she awakens and believes it to be just a crazy dream.

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Of course, years later she finds this is not the case, and so begins the adventures of Alice in Wonderland through several visits.

I have always imagine this story to be beautifully set in my head, both the setting of Wonderland and the characters. My love for this story increased further as I had the pleasure of seeing an external drama production within our school. I found it both amusing and enticing.

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Of course, this further increased through the movies! Especially the Johnny Depp version released in 2010! I loved the character of Mad Hatter before the movies, but when I saw his acting for it, the love for the character further increased! I think the Mad Hatter is a particularly interesting and amazing character. He is both sane and insane at the same time, and this makes him special and unique.

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So, now you know my favourite, what is yours? Please do comment or contact me privately if you wish! I would love to know your favourites!