Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

So you’ve heard a lot about Kingsman and now you’re wondering whether to see it based on the mixed reviews and controversial scenes. Well sit back and let me tell you why I personally think this film is great.

Like all films, no film is perfectly perfect and by that I mean we can all find flaws in films we watch, whether we’re looking for them or not. There’s also that one person you tell your favourite film to and then they’ll spend the next 10 minutes picking apart your choice (I call these people “Reviewers”).



Kingsman was a fresh look at the Spy genre. Bringing an unknown actor ‘Tarim Egerton’ who plays the character ‘Eggsy’ with ‘Colin Firth’ (a great actor that had never been apart of an action movie). The film’s plot was all about reinventing the Spy plot by having a ‘chav’ learning to be apart of a spy agency Kingsman and throughout the movie just as Eggsy we are learning what being a Kingsman actually is.

Personally, I love the first film as anyone will tell you that it possibly has one of the best action scenes (the Church Scene) and just the unpredictability of the film meant you didn’t know what was coming. (SPOILER) Especially when Samuel Jackson shot Colin Firth, after saying, unlike James Bond, it’s not that type of movie. (If you want to rewatch the Church scene, just click play – caution; scenes may contain violence, blood and graphic images so play at your own risk).



For some this film didn’t live up to the hype, and I admit after reading reviews I agree with something’s which are said (I’ll go into that more later) but I think this film is great for what it is;


– BETTER VILLAIN; As much as I loved Samuel Jackson, Julianne Moore as Poppy is the perfect psychopath. Her opening scene is set in a dinner she built in the middle of nowhere in order to prove loyalty she has the guy she is “interviewing” put the other man who recommended him into a meat grinder, get solid gold burnt into his chest and then eat said man in the form of a burger, all whilst smiling knowing that with just a whistle she can summon her two favourite metal dogs to dismantle them both (To me it has a Pulp Fiction vibe).

-BETTER STORY; Poppy lives away from civilisation because she’s a major drug dealer and has used her resources to create personal favourites like a retro diner, a cinema, hairdressers. In order to renter society, she has spread a virus with 4 stages and is asking for immunity from the President (who himself could have been a villain, leaving everyone infected to die). Samuel Jackson wants to save the world and save our resources by killing the poorer population.


CALLBACKS; So some films have a poor attempt at sequels especially when they don’t reference characters used in the first film. But Kingsman proves sometimes it helps to see the first one as Roxy is still an agent, the princess ‘Eggsy’ saves is now his girlfriend, the rejected agent ‘Charlie Hesketh’ that Arthur submitted is now a modified cyborg villain due to fight he has with ‘Eggsy’ when he goes to stop Samuel Jackson from releasing the virus.

ACTION SCENES; The first one was the perfect combination of action scenes, from the training units (the rising water, the aeroplane, the train) to the Church scene. In my opinion, they did the right thing by leaving the church scene alone as anything they would have done would have seen less so why not still make the movie great without focusing on that scene. Kingsman 2 also has great action scenes in my opinion from the opening scene with the car chase to the Ski Lift, you just have to watch this film to notice.


CAMEOS AND CONTROVERSY; So it’s no secret that this film has a star-studded cast. The two I’m going to focus on are Channing Tatum and Elton John. Elton John was a bit of fun that Poppy took advantage of when Samuel Jackson stole celebrities, so she stole one herself. You see in the film that although Poppy loves Elton she will also keep him in fear as she uses him for entertainment and for a demonstration of one of the stages when infected with her virus. He sneaks around and is on screen a fair bit, but personally I didn’t mind this as it was refreshing to see a cameo involved that helped the main character (the scene where ‘Harry’ Colin Firth is trying to kill one of the robot dogs) but Channing Tatum I actually don’t agree with. I understand Kingsman is a huge box office hit and mostly all of the cast I loved, but I found Channing to be honest quite cringey. And just a set up for the next film as most of the time he is spent frozen infected with the virus. I think they should have been true to the movie’s routes and put their faith in another unknown actor in a different scenario.

The controversy is the quest to politely put it “find a physical connection with ‘Clara’ Charlie’s girlfriend at Glastonbury”. Eggsy and Whiskey ‘Pedro Pascal’ plan to plant a tracking device on ‘Clara’ and compete for her attention. Eggsy wins but then has to finger her in order to activate the tracking device due to it having to be inside of her. As Eggsy does this the camera follows the tracking device up her vagina which some reviewers are finding unnecessary. Upon thinking about it, I think the same thing could have been done by slipping it into her drink and making her digest it. But I also understand that it caused friction between Eggsy’s own personal relationship with the princess and more tension between Charlie and Eggsy, especially when Charlie kills his girlfriend because he thinks she cheated on him. So it all depends on the viewers’ point of view.

OVERALL; To me, Kingsman 2 is a great fun filled film with many twists and turns (especially in the car chase) that lends itself to both spy-action and comedy. It’s a mixed bag in terms of reviews but most people who enjoyed the first film have loved the second and all for different reasons.