Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Welcome back dear readers! I hope you’ve had a good week! Today I will be reviewing a video game I’ve played recently entitled “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”. 

The Lost Legacy is an action adventure video game that is the first of the Uncharted series to not feature previous antagonist Nathan Drake, instead you play as Chloe Frazer as you join her in her quest to find an ancient Hoysalan treasure, The Tusk of Ganesh, accompanied by ex-mercenary Nadine Ross and Nathan’s brother, Samuel Drake. The third person game allows players to use firearms, melee and stealth attacks to defeat hostile enemies as well as solve puzzles to advance gameplay and navigate the world either on foot or in a vehicle.


I decided to play The Lost Legacy as I had seen a gameplay of it from one of my favourite YouTubers, Jacksepticeye, and wanted to try it out for myself as watching someone play a video game and playing it for yourself can be two different things. I began the game on the difficulty of “Explorer” which is the easiest level just so I could play the game through first and then later go back and try the more difficult levels later. You begin the game in an Indian market and the first thing that caught my eye was the visuals of the game, the developers Naughty Dog never fail to create breathtaking visuals in a video game. From here, you begin Chloe’s journey to find Nadine and begin their task in finding the disc that will lead them to the Tusk of Ganesh, however, the disc is in the hands of Asav, the enemy of the game who also hopes to find the Tusk for reasons unknown to the player at the time. Once the disc is in your hands, you begin your quest around the old Hoysala ruins in search of the Tusk, without plenty of action and a pleasant surprise ride later on. 


Throughout the journey, the player comes across more stunning images created by the producers as well as puzzles and fight scenarios that will keep you entertained all day. One thing I love about the puzzles is that they are unlike other puzzles you can come across that get you sat and thinking how to do them before getting how to complete the puzzle before you and move on through the narrative. As well as this, if you are a completist and want to find every secret throughout the game, there is plenty to do on the side of the plot that will give you extra gameplay time. Another feature of the game I loved, was how many different firearms you could equip to guide you through the fights as you choose to either charge in and shoot your way out or roll in (literally) and stealth your way out.


Overall, the game is absolutely brilliant and I loved playing every minute of it, it’s refreshing to play a game that is based around the Hindu religion and gods and be able to play through a gorgeous landscape while having plenty of fight action throughout, 5 star rating.

That’s it from me today! Until next time…

Jamie xo