What Needs To Happen In Game of Thrones Season 8- Part Two

Continuing on from last week, here is part two! Will contain spoilers/potential spoilers.

Arya Finishes Her List

Ever since the death of her father; Ned Stark at the end of season one, Arya has been hell bent on revenge. In the last three seasons, we have seen her become a formidable tour de force in Westeros as she trained to become a faceless man, cutting her way through a few names on her list. Finally avenging the events of the Red Wedding at the start of season seven, by murdering the entire Fray family, I thought we’d see a few more names ticked off her list. That seems to have been saved for the final season, she needs to finish it, or someone will finish her.

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One of the many showdowns Game of Thrones fans have been expecting between The Hound and The Mountain. A fight between Westeros’ very own versions of the Gallagher brothers, we got a teaser in season one, but have had nothing since. I was hoping for something to happen between the two in the final episode of season seven, but instead we got The Hound facing down his brother and threatening him saying, “It doesn’t end here, you know what is coming for you”. So surely season 8 has to be the end of these two warring brothers who will probably kill each other in a bloody but glorious manner. A sad end to a fan favourite but the death of The Mountain will surely leave Cersei without a protector.


Tormund Gets A Shot With Brienne

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Given that he survived the Ice Dragon attack, Tormund being able to finally get a shot at a relationship with Brienne would surely make a lot of fans happy. And would also probably feature one of the shows most graphic sex scenes.

Cersei Dies At The Hands (Or Hand) of Jaime

Jaime has now left Cersei to join in the fight against the White Walkers. A heart-breaking move for Jaime but Cersei will see this as the ultimate betrayal on his end. Both of her brothers are against her and after hearing Maggy the Witch’s prophecy, she always thought Tyrion would be the sibling to kill her. However after Cersei has become more and more unhinged and is on the road to becoming ‘The Mad Queen’. It will be a poetic death for the fans, but a painful death for Jaime, who would surely also be named ‘Queen Slayer’ as well. The theory is that he is going to strangle her, this was possibly hinted at in episode one of season 7 when the two were stood on the map of Westeros. Cersei standing on ‘the throat’ and Jaime standing on ‘the fingers.’ Look for yourself below.

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Stark Children Reunion

After many years of heartache with the Stark family, a reunion of the remaining members needs to happen, mostly to give fans some piece of mind. However in true Game of Thrones style it would surely be a bittersweet moment where on of them dies not shortly afterward. However, the notion of Arya finding out that Jon is actually called Aegon Targaryen may change her view of him, and add a name to her list.


Drogon v. Viserion

One is his mother’s favourite, the Night King has resurrected the other and is now a blue fire spewing Wight. This has got to happen and it’s going to be epic. The likeliest outcome is that this takes place in the final episode and will be a heart breaking moment for Daenerys as she watches her two “children” engage in a violent exchange which will surely see the two of them die. Most likely the other dragon Rhaegar will be killed as well. Only time shall tell.


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Jon Finds Out His True Heritage


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It feels like everyone knows who Jon Snow is, apart from Jon himself. This is going to be a tricky one to tell Jon Snow, considering that he and Daenerys are now an item, as was shown during one of the final scenes of season seven. Surely to be an awkward discovery given that the two were last shown having sex. It was revealed that Daenerys is Jon Snow’s aunt and that Jon Snow is actually called Aegon Targaryen. Sure to make things awkward between the two right? Especially now that Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Likely to cause some awkward moments between the two and some animosity, causing a fracture in alliances between the two. Only time will tell.

Its going to be an explosive climatic season for what has been one of the best shows to ever air on television. Expect many deaths, heart breaking moments and huge bombastic battles. Game of Thrones returns in 2018.

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